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Business Optimization Tips from 400 Startups with SmartSuite CEO, Jon Darbyshire

Business Optimization Tips from 400 Startups with SmartSuite CEO, Jon Darbyshire

Jon Darbyshire believes a shared vision of “helping teams be more productive by working smarter” enriches culture, promotes accountability, and empowers collaboration through automation.  In 2021, Jon Darbyshire and his team launched SmartSuite, a work management platform that manages any process, from any industry, on one platform.  This podcast is different for David, our host, because he chose to ask questions about SmartSuite to confirm how well it aligns with his own best practices.  This is not a product demo or pitch.  The conversation weaves Jon’s experience with David 50 years in business.  

Although the framework of the conversation is SmartSuite, Jon and David discuss many of the best practices they have learned through their decades of experience and the hundreds of companies they have helped. Jon has invested in over 400 startups, and it has been a learning process.  David has advised over 1,000 organizations through his consulting and workshops.  What makes one startup overcome its challenges whereas another stumbles or fails?  Prior to SmartSuite, Jon ran the Archer Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to advance entrepreneurial achievement, extend the reach of community service programs, and foster educational opportunities for students and single mothers.  Prior to that, he was CEO & Founder of Archer Technologies, and held leadership positions at Ernst Young and Price Waterhouse.

Learn how to optimize workflow to save time and improve results in this engaging episode. You can view from the following sources: 

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