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How Rugby Team Managers Use SmartSuite

How Rugby Team Managers Use SmartSuite

10 minutes

March 20, 2023

In this Showcase episode, Nate shares how team managers can use SmartSuite to efficiently manage player games and create game sheets. From tracking player information and payments to setting game schedules and collecting performance stats, SmartSuite offers a comprehensive solution for sports teams. Tune in to see how you can streamline your team management processes with SmartSuite.

Nate highlightsthe platform's data scheming dashboard widget, which is used to highlight the structure of the solution. The dashboard is divided into four categories: players, games, opponents, and performances, representing stats and notes about how a player played in a game.

The platform allows managers to track the status of players' payments on team dues in this record. The showcase also highlights the Communication Center, which allows coaches to communicate with players and other stakeholders, keeping the conversation about a player's status or payment directly on the player's record.

The player gallery view allows coaches to add images or headshots to the players, making it easier to put faces to names. The video then showcases the performances app, which collects stats from games and relates them to a player. The platform allows coaches or team managers to set the schedule for games and determine the positions of players in games.

The positions template view allows managers to create 22 records per game, which can be easily recreated for the next game using an automation feature. Managers can then select all records, link them to the game that's going to be played, and all the records will fill with that value.

In summary, this video highlights the ways in which team managers are using Smart Suite to manage players, games, and create game sheets. The platform's data scheming dashboard, member summary grid view, communication center, player gallery, and performances apps are shown to be particularly useful for team management. Smart Suite's automation feature also makes it easy for managers to recreate records for the next game, thereby streamlining the team management process.