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Showcase | How Accountants Use SmartSuite to Manage Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Forms

Showcase | How Accountants Use SmartSuite to Manage Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Forms

10 minutes

November 28, 2022

This showcase highlights how accountants are using SmartSuite to manage their clients + bookkeeping,  payroll, and taxes.

This Video's Chapters:

0:15 - Introduction to SmartSuite for task management and CRM
- Overview of the six relevant apps
- Account management app and its features
- CRM information and contacts for specific accounts
- Introduction to bookkeeping and its relationships
- Services managed by accountants (bookkeeping, payroll, taxes)
- Overview of the master bookkeeping list and grouping by account
- Payroll and taxes
- Automations for creating bookkeeping records
- Completing tasks, assigning, and updating statuses for bookkeeping records
- Automations for creating future records or based on status changes
- Managing taxes and different tax forms
- Automations for creating tax records and using checklists
- Recap of SmartSuite benefits for accountants (task management, CRM capabilities)

Video Details: 

Introduction and Overview of SmartSuite for Accountants:

• Overview of how accountants use Smart Suite for task management and CRM

•Mention of six relevant apps: accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, account management, opportunities

General Information in Account Management

• Tracking account status, services provided, manager, frequency of bookkeeping, and entity type for tax determination

CRM Type Information and Contacts

• Managing CRM-related information for specific accounts

• Storing and organizing contact details for each account

Bookkeeping Records and Tasks

• Linking bookkeeping records to specific accounts

• Tracking bookkeeping status, tasks, due dates, and completion percentage

• Customizing checklists based on the month and automations for record creation

Payroll and Taxes

• Similar structure to bookkeeping with records linked to accounts

• Tracking payroll and taxes status, checklists, and due dates

• Setting up recurring tasks and automations for record creation

Managing Account Notes and Action Items

• Utilizing the account management app for notes and task management

• Tracking one-off tasks and action items for specific accounts

Opportunities and Metrics

• Managing sales opportunities for potential clients

• Tracking metrics and additional information related to opportunities

File Attachments and Logos

• Attaching relevant files, logos, and attachments to accounts

Task Management and Automation

• Explaining the automation setup for creating bookkeeping, payroll, and tax records

• Creating recurring tasks and utilizing formulas for record creation

• Customizing checklists and triggering automations based on specific criteria

Benefits of SmartSuite for Accountants

• Highlighting the task management and CRM capabilities

• Centralized view of account-related information and actions

• Accessing past bookkeeping records and activity history