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SmartSuite Showcase | How Interior Design Firms Manage Budgets and Inspiration for Client Projects

SmartSuite Showcase | How Interior Design Firms Manage Budgets and Inspiration for Client Projects

7 minutes

February 21, 2023

The video showcases how interior design firms can use SmartSuite to collect data directly from clients and websites to manage their projects, allowing an easy way to track their requirements and compile customized information to present to clients. From intake forms for client projects to inventory management and budgeting for different rooms, this video also demonstrates how SmartSuite's Web Clipper can be used to add inspirations found on the internet into SmartSuite.

  • Collect data directly from clients and websites and bring that data into Smart Suite to relate it to their CRM, inventory management, and budgeting.
  • Compile information and present it back to clients in a customizable and professional-looking way.
  • Users can find Smart Suite solutions by navigating to their home page, clicking "add new solution," starting with templates, and selecting Smart Suite.
  • Provide information through a form that can be embedded on a website or sent directly to them, and when submitted, it will create a record in Smart Suite.
  • Easily relate project requests to a client inside the sales CRM by adding a field to the grid view and picking an account that the project relates to.
  • Link items to a location, such as a warehouse, and to purchase orders and sales orders.
  • Create budgets based on the items included in the client's overall design, and each room can have its own budget.
  • Track progress on projects and make sure they are meeting their clients' requirements.

This Video’s Chapters:

Showcase Intro (00:00)
Where to Download the Template (00:52)
Project request Form (01:32)
Items Overview (02:38)
Using the Web Clipper to Collect Inspiration (03:31)
Content Approval (04:00)
Managing Budgets for Client Projects  (04:08)
Share View + Document Designer for Client Deliverable (6:00 )

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