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Project Management Templates

Project Management Templates

4 minutes

October 4, 2021


SmartSuite solution templates are designed to jumpstart teams towards working smarter. Our projects managagement templates are ready to support organizations of any size deliver wins - no matter the shape or size of the effort.

Project Managers are heroes to us at SmartSuite. They stop at nothing to keep work on track, battling risks every day and tackling issues as they arise. Deadlines are no match for them and dependencies rise and fall at their command. It’s in their honor that we’ve created these four essential project management templates.

Simple Project

Don’t let the name fool you. Better than your trusty spreadsheet, yet simple enough to track single projects. Assign records as tasks, create and assign checklist items as subtasks, and centralize project collaboration with real-time conversation. This template is designed as a one-and-done tool. Use it for a single project, then install a new, fresh version when you’re ready to kick off a new initiative.

Project activities grouped by phase

Project Management

Classically named to support tried and true project management practices. This template is designed as a comprehensive, yet flexible project management solution to track multiple concurrent projects. From simple to complex projects, build milestones, manage workstreams and roll-up status to keep work on track.

Program Management

This template is a serious solution for serious program managers looking to streamline delivery. This solution is ideal for companies with a standing Program Management Office function, or organizations undergoing complex, multi-dimensional changes.

Create "parent" Program records with "child" Projects, assign owners, manage timelines, create milestones and teams at each level of delivery. Draft rich status reports to proactively identify risks and manage issues in real-time.

Initiative Tracker

Get ready to reach your goals. This template is designed to help shape the strategic direction of your organization. Create company or departmental goals and then craft initiatives to reach them. Everything can be tracked from start to finish in this friendly template.