Brand Kit

Hello! We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use.

To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at and include a visual mockup of intended use.

Run your early stage startup on SmartSuiteRun your early stage startup on SmartSuite

SmartSuite Press Kit

For members of the press, we’ve zipped up logos, brand language documents, leadership headshots, and our mini brand guidelines for you in one easy download.

Get high-resolution assets of the SmartSuite work management platform on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Product Screens

Need some screenshots? We’ve got you. Get high-resolution assets of the SmartSuite work management platform on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Get high-resolution assets of the SmartSuite work management platform on desktop, mobile and tablet.

SmartSuite Logo

Bring together processes, projects, documents, employees and customers.

Make sure you always let our logo breathe
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Use our white logo on dark backgrounds
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SmartSuite is one word with two capitalized “S”s
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Don’t use icon without the SmartSuite name
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Don’t use the SmartSuitename without the icon
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Don’t change the colors of the logo
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SmartSuite founders

Team Bio's and Pictures

Here you’ll find high-resolution photos of our founders along with detailed bio's.

SmartSuite founders

SmartSuite in the News

View recent press releases and articles

Our Brand Colors

Our brand color palette has been carefully selected to be fresh, flexible and fun. The primary palette should dominate design of all materials, while the accent and neutral colors should be used sparingly.

Primary Colors

Dark Blue
Light Blue

Neutral Colors

Lightest Grey
Darkest Grey

Our Typography

Clarity in communication is key for us, so we use the modern sans-serif fonts Mont and Sofia Pro for all text on brand and marketing materials.

Learn how to use our typography

Good text means good readability. And for good readability we have plenty of options here. For our body texts we are using Sofia Pro font family

Aa Bb Cc
Aa Bb Cc
Sofia Pro
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Our Messaging

The key to our messaging is speaking directly to people, in a voice that they can hear, respect and understand. By being deliberate and thoughtful with the way we use language, we encourage people to feel a deeper connection with SmartSuite— and how they use it with their team members.

Our Beliefs

We believe the best way to work is to use a single platform for almost everything.
Where all of your information, processes and communication tools are in one place. Where people, processes and projects aren't disconnected or siloed, but connected and working together towards common goals.


Our mission is to provide a work management platform that unites the essential elements that are used in getting work done: databases, spreadsheets, documents, collaboration tools, file management products and automation capabilities — into one platform.


Our vision is to help teams be more productive by working faster and smarter, not harder.


SmartSuite is transforming how organizations get work done by providing a collaborative Work Management platform that enables teams to plan, track and manage workflows -  whether it be a project, an ongoing process or routine everyday tasks.

SmartSuite helps coordinate people and work across all levels of an organization to ensure that team members have the information they need to accomplish the work that matters most.  Team members can create the perfect workflow in minutes or choose from over 200 industry leading templates that can be quickly tailored to their exact needs.  From simple to complex and everything in between, we have you covered!


Any Project  Any Process  One Platform


  • Business Runs On SmartSuite

    • Business Runs Smarter on SmartSuite

    • Business Runs Faster on SmartSuite

    • Business Runs Better On SmartSuite

  • One Platform To Manage Work

  • Built For Businesses, Designed For People, Loved By Teams

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