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We’re revolutionizing what you expect out of an online document - try it once and you’ll never go back. If you’ve ever wished for the ability to do something in your docs, we’re your work genie.

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Embed rich text documents in any record
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The Future of Docs is Here

Add SmartDocs directly in your workflow
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Add Smart Documents
Directly in Your Workflow

Is it such a crazy idea to think that your documents should live directly within your work management system? 

We’re breaking the standard - stop linking out or attaching static documents to your tasks. With SmartDocs, create collaborative, next-gen docs directly where you’re getting work done. It’s the biggest upgrade since Word was created. 

Style all of your text in SmartDoc
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Snaz Up
Your Text

SmartDocs has all the standard text styling options you expect from any word processor - but with even more features that allow you to customize your content until it's perfect for your needs. If it’s something you can create for a website, you can build it in your SmartDoc - without any coding ability needed. 

Embed files, images and videos in any SmartDoc
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Embed Rich
Media Files

Drag and drop media files to bring your documents to life - instantly. Add images, videos, and GIFs or embed links to files directly in SmartDocs. Need to call out a sample image in your description? It now lives directly in your document where you need it to be, not as an attachment. That’s pretty dang smart. 

@mention users right within SmartDoc
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People and Teams

Unlock the power of collaboration in your SmartDoc. Typing "@" lets you mention a specific member or entire team. It's a useful way of drawing attention to a specific section of content, asking a clarifying question, or passing along a request to finish the doc. Every @mention triggers an alert in their personalized Notification Center - so they can’t ignore you. 

Insert emoji in SmartDocs to make them fun and accessible
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Who Doesn't
Love Emojis 😘

You know what they say - an emoji is worth 40-160 words (we’re not sure exactly what the exchange rate is). Use emojis to bring that extra level of meaning to your content. It’s 💣.com

Use callouts, checklists and quotes to format SmartDocs
You can create callouts in the SmartDoc field
You can create checklists in the SmartDoc field
You can create quotes in the SmartDoc field
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Draw Attention
To Key Information

You have a bunch of content. Make it easier to take in with callouts, checklists, and quotes. Color code these sections so they stand out and draw attention to the information that needs to be seen first. 

Use tables and many other formatting options in SmartDoc
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Tables And So
Much More

Embed and format tables to organize content. Tables can be a pain with other document builders - we know. With that pain in mind, we built our Table functionality to be the most intuitive in the market. You’ll actually look forward to building them now! 

SmartDoc supports Grammerly Writing AI
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Works With

Activate Grammarly, the leading AI-powered writing assistant to supercharge your content. Install the plugin and simply start typing to enjoy features Grammarly customers love - from spelling to style and tone recommendations.

SmartSuite and SmartDoc help consolidate your information
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All Your Docs
In One Place

SmartSuite offers a new way of working with docs and the freedom to ditch file folders, shared drives, and disconnected workflows. Bring all your work from external applications directly into SmartSuite to unify your work. Then, hit ‘em with the divorce papers.

How Customers Use SmartDocs

Scintillating solutions to work smarter with SmartDocs. Say that 5 times fast.

Use SmartSuite to document Business Plan
Use SmartDoc to record meeting notes
Create a product requirements document with SmartDoc
Use SmartDoc to create your social media content
Create an HR handbook using SmartDoc
Use SmartSuite to create Business Continuity Plan
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New Generation

You don't need a separate wiki or collaboration tool to level up your documentation game. SmartDocs could be its own product, but we bundled all its rich features directly in our platform to use in any project or process workflow. Because we ❤️ you.

Add an auto-generated table of contents to SmartDoc

Table of Contents

Navigate your documents easily with the Table of Contents control.

Embed links in a SmartDoc

Embed Links

Create rich hyperlinks to external sites or link to internal SmartSuite content.

Paste images directly into SmartDoc

Paste Image

Add images to your content with a click by simply pasting into a File & Image Field or one of SmartSuite's powerful Rich Text Fields.

Mention a user in SmartDoc

Mention a Person

Draw a Member's attention by @mentioning them.

Structure SmartDoc content with tables

Insert a Table

Insert a table into your document to quickly organize data.

Insert emojis to make SmartDoc content come alive

Insert An Emoji

Communicate visually by inserting an emoji.  ☺️ Never watch the Emoji Movie. 🤨

Use formatted callouts in SmartDoc

Add a Callout

Insert a callout to make something stand out, using background color and an icon to highlight important alerts, notes or warnings.

Add attachments to your SmartDocs

Add An Attachment

Share files of any type by easily embedding them.

Insert a date with a convenient picker in SmartDoc

Insert A Date

Insert a date directly into your content using a date picker.

Use formatted code blocks in SmartDoc

Insert a Code Block

Highlight code snippets, formatting them with a unique style.

Insert a checklist on the fly in SmartDoc

Insert A Checklist

Insert a table into your document or conversation to quickly organize data.

Insert an image directly into a SmartDoc

Insert An Image

Display images by selecting or pasting them into your document or comment. No, not every comment needs a meme.

SmartDoc supports rich text editing

Super Rich Editing

The Rich Text field is a powerful collaborative document editor with formatting, tables, mentions, code blocks, and more. If you can think of it, you can probably do it.

Collapse headings and their content in SmartDoc

Heading Toggle

Toggle heading on or off to show or hide sections of data.

Mention a Team in SmartDoc

Mention a Team

Draw a Teams attention to a document by @mentioning them.

Number a list in SmartDoc

Numbered List

Use a numbered list for your information to make it easy to reference.

Use headings to structure and organize SmartDoc content

Heading Styles

Format text with distinctive headings that allow you to collapse their content.

Insert a bulleted list in a SmartDoc

Bulleted List

Make your lists stand out with bullets.

Add formatted quotes to a SmartDoc


Add eyeball-catching quotes to comments and task descriptions to format text in a uniquely visual way.

SmartDoc supports markdown shortcuts

Markdown Shortcuts

Shave time off your day with easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts.

Highlight embedded code in SmartDoc

Code Block Syntax Highlighting

Interpret tons of languages with code block formatting, automatically colorized for clarity. Popular languages interpreted include Javascript, Python, Ruby, CSS, Java, PHP, and HTML.

Use dividers to break up SmartDoc content

Insert a Divider

Insert a divider line to break a document into sections, visually separating elements on your page.

Undo and redo changes in SmartDoc

Undo / Redo

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