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Calendar View

View records in a calendar format of your choosing, sorted by a date or date range.

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Manage media plans in a calendar
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Never Miss a Deadline in Calendar View

Use Calendar View for date-sensitive information
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View Items By
Date and Date Range

Calendar View offers powerful visualization for planners, project managers, and all of our favorite Type A personalities to view work by Date, Due Date, and Date Range. When you are trying to plan, manage priorities and ensure timelines are met, this is the view for you.

Display Calendar View in weeks or months
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Plan By
Week, Month or Year

Calendar View is interactive, allowing you to track dates broadly - zoom out to a year-long view, or in to months or weeks. These are ideal for projects or long-cycle time processes, such as marketing campaign planning, hiring, strategic initiatives, or enterprise sales.

Display Calendar View in days or weeks
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Display by Day Or

Switch your view up to a single day or flip to an agenda-style list view of the current week. Get micro-focused, managing immediate tasks, short-cycle time processes such as customer support trouble tickets, or tracking precise schedules like event agendas (and invite us next time).

Click Calendar View items to see their details
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One Click to
Inspect the Details

Like every view in SmartSuite, clicking on a Calendar item quickly opens the record to see the details, make adjustments, and then close to jump back to the calendar.

See a list of records while in Calendar View
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Record Listing

One click opens the Record Listing panel, which displays all available records in the report. Use reporting toolbar controls such as Sort, Group and Spotlight to locate records. Find what you need, color-coordinate it, and manage your team's full schedule directly in this view.

Specify a date range with drag and drop
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Change Dates
In Real-Time

Drag and Drop items to change or assign a date directly in Calendar View. Drag them into the calendar or the Record Listing panel displays a full list of every item in an application - not just what's in view on the schedule. Drag items from the listing to the calendar and the dates in each record will be updated and assigned automatically. (Sometimes we even amaze ourselves, this is pretty freakin’ cool functionality.) 

Color code Calendar View items with spotlight
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Color Code
Items with Spotlight

The Spotlight control in the Report Toolbar is used in Calendar View to color code items displayed on the calendar, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. It’s kind of like color by the numbers, but for adults. Not that we’re judging if you still enjoy color by the numbers.

How Customers Use Calendar View

Explore real-world applications of Calendar View and consider the power of putting it to work for you.

Manage projects and tasks on a calendar
View business strategy activities on a Calendar
Use SmartSuite Calendar View to plan college coursework
Plan your events using Calendar View
Plan client engagements with Calendar View
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The Many Features for Calendar View

Deep dive into the many ways you can analyze your work by date.

Choose a date field to display on a calendar

Date Selector

Select any Date-Type field to visualize records on calendars.

Create nested sorts in reports


Sort your data in the way it makes sense for you, whether that's alphabetical, by a numeric value, by date, or something cool completely unique to you.

Apply multiple filters to a report


Filter your data by any other field, returning just the items you're looking for.

Group records by owner and priority in a report


Group your data by the value of other fields, helping you organize and understand complex information easily.

Set rules to highlight data in a report


Give special visual attention to important information by creating rules that match and highlight conditions or values you specify.

Search for data in a report


If you're looking for a particular bit of text in your records, you can quickly use the find filter to narrow things down.

Expand a calendar report to review in full screen

Full Screen Calendar

Maximize your SmartSuite real-estate by flipping to full screen mode for any view type.

Print and export all your reports

Print / Export Reports

Print in a couple clicks, or export to PDF, CSV, Excel or Google Sheets.

Drop records on a calendar to quickly assign a date

Calendar Record Listing

View a listing of all the records in an application. Click any tile to jump to individual records on the calendar.

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Is Calendar View user-friendly and customizable?

Keep your team organized with Calendar View.

View your work in a customizable calendar format.

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