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Team Collaboration

Build a company culture through authentic digital connections between employees and teams. With everything you need in one platform, collaboration happens where the work is getting done.

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Work Is More Fun With A Collaborative Team

Built for a culture of collaboration
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Building Culture Where
Your Employees Are

Here’s a novel idea: have conversations about the work happening in the same place where the actual work is being done. Mind. Blown. 

We know culture isn’t just a physical thing anymore - it’s a where you are kind of thing. With SmartSuite, you don’t have to force or train collaboration. It’s a natural extension of the software. Culture happens when Stoyan from Serbia and Sarah from Sacramento can seamlessly connect and collaborate.

Collaborate where the work happens
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Conversations Right
Where the Work Happens

Start and continue conversations in records to discuss content right where the work is happening - no tab switching, logging in, alt-tabbing, or other toggling required. We’re sorry to all the tab collectors out there, but 20+ open is just too dang many. 

Learn more about Communication Center

Emails from within records
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Bring your emails
inside your records

Not only can you send and receive replies emails within the Communication Center, you can also utilize pre-created email templates.

Learn more about Emails

Draw attention to imporatnt work
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Keep Your Team

Use @mentions to give a teammate a little friendly nudge or bring them into a collaborative discussion. It's also great for bringing them into a discussion or simply drawing attention to important work. You can also shout out team members the same way. Everyone deserves a for a job well done! 

Every @mentions appears in the members' Notification Center so it's easy to stay up-to-date.

Learn more about Notification Center

Find your perfect collaborator
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Building Team Bonds With Member Directory

Connect with team members through the Member Directory, see who’s online, check out their interests and skills, and reach out no matter where they’re working. 

Team members create personal profiles, sharing information about themselves with other members. No more awkward icebreakers, just connection. 

Find the perfect collaborator to take your project from great to perfection *chef’s kiss*. And don’t forget to celebrate others by getting notifications of birthdays and work anniversaries!

Learn more about Member Directory

Activity history tracks comments and edits
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Team Progress

The Activity History feature provides a real-time stream of the work being done within your account. Team members are able to view activity streams for specific processes or projects to understand what work items are being updated and the date and time of the updates. Bosses and managers no longer need to send those annoying “what’s the status of XX” messages - it’s all in the system for them to see!

Learn more about Activity History

SmartSuite displays updates in real time
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Working Together

With real-time updates, multiple members of your team can view and edit shared content in SmartSuite at the same time, while also seeing where other team members are in the record working. Stop waiting for someone else to finish updating their info - you’ll always be working on the latest version. That’s how teamwork makes the dream work.

View more about Real Time updates

SmartSuite content is mobile ready
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Time To
Go Mobile

Collaboration on the go is a natural part of SmartSuite’s mobile application. That powerful little computer in your pocket is your ticket to connectivity with your team. 

How Customers Collaborate in SmartSuite

Explore how customers use collaboration features to see how they can work for you.

Comment thread about financial budgets
Conversation between marketing team members on a design
Conversation chat about a software bug
Run your startup company on SmartSuite
Discuss legal matters directly within SmartSuite records
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Connected Teams Deliver Better Work - And Have More Fun Doing It

Cliche alert! In the new workplace, our best work starts and ends with teams collaborating seamlessly in matter where they are located.

View a holiday schedule to know who is available

Holiday Schedule

SmartSuite lets you track team holidays, making scheduling easier and reports more accurate. (One thing we can’t do is stop Sean from making a fool of himself at the holiday party...again.)

View multiple comment threads in a record

Threaded Comments

Comments can be attached to any record, allowing users to discuss changes or quickly add collaborators with @mentions.

Global search helps you find collaboration work products

Power Search

Find anything, instantly. Search across all of your tables, content, and discussions and we’ll find that needle in the digital haystack.

@mention users to engage in discussion


Mention other Members or Teams to give them a digital nudge, pull them into a collaboration, or just tell them how big of a fan you are.

Activity history tracks your collaboration outcomes

Activity History

Managers love this - every change or update made to SmartSuite is tracked and viewable, including record updates and edits, comments, mentions, and more.

Use Teams to interact and collaborate with a group


Organize coworkers into Teams to encourage seamless collaboration and build unstoppable forces of productivity.

Use Member Directory to find potential collaborators

Member Directory

Easily find and connect with coworkers by searching SmartSuite's member directory. Great for finding a collaborator...or the one other person in the office who is into curling.

Star items that you're collaborating on for easy access

Starred Items

Quickly bookmark important items for easy access.

Send records in an attachment to collaborate externally

Send as Attachment

Easily send a link to any page, record, or report as an email attachment.

View who is online in the member directory

Are They Online?

Easily identify when others are online - just look for the green dot on their profile picture.

Use rich text comments to communicate clearly

Rich Text in Comments

Use SmartSuite's powerful Rich Text editor in any comment to include text formatting, images, and more. You’ll also be able to include the best memes.

Mark completed assignments as resolved

Mark as Resolved

Conversations create actions that too often get lost in the ether (spooky). Assigned comments appear as tasks and get marked as resolved to keep track of everything.

See Member profile details to find the perfect collaborator

Member Profiles

Don’t be a stranger! Members can create personal profiles, sharing information about themselves with other members. No more awkward icebreakers.

See who is available to collaborate

Availability Status

Let other SmartSuite Members and Teams know when you're busy or are available to collaborate. Use sarcasm at your own risk.

Add a link to a comment to draw someone to a discussion

Link to comment

Get a direct link to any SmartSuite comment that can be shared instantly.

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The best ideas live in the space between us. Or in SmartSuite. (Mostly in SmartSuite.)

Collaboration happens where the work is getting done.

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