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Card View

View your data as visual cards that can include logos, images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and other rich content.

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Manage restaurant menu items and pictures on digital cards
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Visual Satisfaction with Card View

Card catalog with photos of exercises and movements
Use cards to display data in a visual format
Use cards to display data in a visual format
Use cards to display data in a visual format
Use cards to display data in a visual format
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Cards for All
Your Visual Content

Perfect for teams working with content, images, or just wanting an at-a-glance visual of select data points. Put the best of your business on display - from crafting the perfect workout routine for your clients to managing brand assets. Teams can finally stop hopelessly looking for a file name and start searching for a certain visual. 

Select small, medium or large card sizes
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Card Sizes To
Fit Your Content

Instantly switch between card sizes, and use the Fields to Display control to preview the most important information.

Order cards of digital brand assets
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Group Cards
However You Want

Customization is the name of the game with cards. Drag and drop cards into any order, sorting and grouping galleries any way you want.

Color code cards of properties based on attributes
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Use Spotlight to
Highlight Key Info

Use the Spotlight control to display eye-catching colors for flagged fields or cards. Set simple or compound rules for what info is in the Spotlight.

Maintain a photo catalog of construction equipment
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Use Gallery Mode to
Preview Images and Videos

Are you used to downloading a bunch of files to look through them individually? No more with SmartSuite! Display an interactive carousel of files, images, and videos directly on the platform. Work smarter by downloading and uploading additional files directly in the gallery.

How Customers Use Card View

Explore real-world applications of Card View, then make it go to work for you.

Cards with images from a property inspection with female inspector
Use Card View to highlight brand assets
Photo cards of real estate property listings
Cards with photos of office equipment in inventory
Cards with pictures of event attendees
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The Many Features for Card View

Slice, dice, and visualize your data the way you want.

Select fields to display in a report

Fields to Display

Select just the right combination of fields to bring attention to important data. Customize to each project and process.

Create nested sorts in reports


Sort your data in the way it makes sense for you, whether that's alphabetical, by a numeric value, by date, or something cool completely unique to you.

Apply multiple filters to a report


Filter your data by any other field, returning just the items you're looking for.

Group records by owner and priority in a report


Group your data by the value of other fields, helping you organize and understand complex information easily.

Set rules to highlight data in a report


Give special visual attention to important information by creating rules that match and highlight conditions or values you specify.

Small, medium and large card sizes

Card Size

Automatically shift between S, M or L card sizes in a click.

Search for data in a report


If you're looking for a particular bit of text in your records, you can quickly use the find filter to narrow things down.

Expand a Card report to view in full screen

Full Screen Cards

Maximize your SmartSuite real-estate by flipping to full screen mode for any view type.

Print and export all your reports

Print / Export Reports

Print in a couple clicks, or export to PDF, CSV, Excel or Google Sheets.

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Everyone loves pretty pictures.

Use visual cards to communicate with your team.

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