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Print / Export

Print or export your work in multiple business and user-friendly formats.

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Print hard copies and export data to PDF
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Set Your Data Free with Print and Export

Get a hard copy of your data
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Print/Export is
Just a Click Away

It's easy to print or export your data in SmartSuite — just look for the "..." menu in any record or report and choose your format. You own the data; do what you want with it! We’ll never restrict your access.

Export your data in the format you need
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Get Your Data
How You Need It

Instantly export data from any record or report to PDF, Excel, Google Sheets or CSV. Print a status report for your weekly client meeting, share sales data with potential investors, or create an employee file to upload to your payroll system. It's easy to export for any need.

Print hard copies of any report
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Hard Copies

Sometimes nothing beats old-fashioned paper copies, and SmartSuite can make that happen. Print any record or report with a simple click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Print/Export feature in SmartSuite offer?

How can I print or export my data in SmartSuite?

In which formats can I export my data?

Can I print hard copies of records or reports?

What are some practical uses for the Print/Export feature?

Does SmartSuite restrict access to exporting or printing data?

Which SmartSuite plan types include access to the Print/Export feature?

Set your data free!

It’s your data! Print/Export anything at any time.

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