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Notification Center

Notification Center

Receive real-time notifications in SmartSuite to stay informed about actions relevant to you.

Receive personalized notifications from events in SmartSuite

Stay in the Know with Your Notification Center

Support for all the notification channels you use
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Notification Center

Members receive notifications each time actions occur that are relevant to them or the work they're doing. Notifications are triggered for replies to conversations, being @mentioned by a team member, new task assignments, permission changes, when new members join your team, and much more.

Instantly view read and unread notifications
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Read vs. Unread

Manage your notifications as they pop up. New notifications appear as Unread. As you read each notification you’re able to mark it as read, unread, or remove it from your listing. Keep what matters to your productivity and clear what doesn’t.

Be alerted when you are mentioned
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When You Are

Don’t @ me? Not with SmartSuite. Typing @ into any SmartDoc field, Checklist item, or Conversation thread instantly pulls up the member and team directory for your account. Each time a member of your team @mentions you or your team, a fresh notification appears in your personal Notification Center.

Get instant notifications of your assignments
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New Task

You'll receive a notification every time you're assigned anything in SmartSuite. Real-time notifications mean real-time collaboration.

Send email notifications for important changes and events
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Email Notifications
When You Want

Email notifications are turned on by default, but members are able to modify their preferences to only receive email notifications that are important to them. We want to keep your inbox clean!

Send your notifications to Slack
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Notifications in Slack

One of our team’s favorites! If you’re using Slack for daily communication you can choose to receive notifications in Slack instead of — or in addition to — email. The message you receive in Slack will include a handy link back to SmartSuite so you can jump right in with a single click.

Send mobile notifications for important changes and events
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On the Go
Mobile Notifications

Stay in the loop with notifications on your mobile devices. Respond in conversations, update records, manage assignments and priorities to keep workflow moving while you're on the go.

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