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Page Designer

Display your info how you want it, to meet the needs of every audience. Quickly build gorgeous, functional, and responsive pages with an intuitive interface that lets you customize the overall layout, style, and design of your projects and processes.

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Create Pages That People Enjoy Using

You’ll never have to touch a line of code to create the prettiest pages you’ve ever seen. Select your colors, sizes, fields, layout, and more in a couple of clicks.
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Easy to Use
Beautiful No Code Design

We locked ourselves in a room for months building this feature out - we believe when you enjoy working in something because of the design, you get better output from your team. 

The result? You get to leave the cargo pants and AOL-looking page designs behind and create pages that actually look like they belong in the 21st century. 

You’ll never have to touch a line of code to create the prettiest pages you’ve ever seen. Select your colors, sizes, fields, layout, and more in a couple of clicks. Since team members work across different devices, we’ve made sure the design works across them all too.

Add new fields directly from edit record display
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Any Field
You Need

Not to brag, but we have 40+ fields for you to choose from. You’ve got options.

Go ahead, create a new field or build entire pages of fields directly in the page layout of any solution. Get crazy with it. Additions appear instantly so you can make quick adjustments to the location or display settings to get every page style looking great.

Options include basic types such as text, date and numeric fields, project management fields like status and due date, collaborative fields such as votes and rating, and advanced fields like formulas and sub items.

View All Field Types

Drag and drop fields to arrange them on the page
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Drag & Drop to
Arrange Fields

Stop with the complicated backend pain of managing your display. We figured you use drag and drop with pretty much anything else, so why not your work management tool?

Order and organize fields using the drag and drop motion on any open page. Changes are saved automatically and are visible to general users in real-time. We’re talking rocket 🚀 fast.

Display fields in multiple formats to fit your data
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Modify Field

Stop navigating to an admin page 5 clicks away – Solution Managers can modify any existing field directly from the record. SmartSuite offers over 40 field types, each with a range of display settings that can be adjusted to enhance the styling of any layout.

Add section headings to SmartSuite record display
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Break Content
Into Sections

Add sections to any page layout to break up content into blocks of similar information. Have a super long page or niche info? You can choose to collapse sections by default.

Single column mode displays data in a compact format
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Single Column

Use single column layouts in apps for simple data entry, retrieving a customer record or booking an appointment. If it's quick and easy - use a Single Column.

Use two columns to organize fields into logical groupings
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Two Column
50/50 Layout

Two column 50/50 is the most popular (and default) layout. Fields are displayed in one column, or span two columns depending on the type. 50/50 layout is great for capturing data across almost any combination of fields.

Use 70/30 column display for content-heavy records
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Two Column
70/30 Layout

Two column 70/30 is perfect for apps that are serious about content, using field types that have expanded displays on the page. If you’re editing SmartDocs or working with Linked Records, Files and Images or Text Area fields, this page layout is designed to maximize your productivity.

SmartSuite content is mobile ready
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Mobile Responsive

Your team works on the go, so it’s important that your beautiful pages work across every device. Responsiveness is built right into SmartSuite - we just do it for you. Build your pages on any device and it will automatically translate to tablet/mobile/desktop. 

Get work done anywhere - it doesn’t matter if it’s on your three displays at the office, or off your phone on the express chair lift (we’ve seen it all). 

How Customers Use Record Layouts

Take a quick tour of some examples of how real-world customers use record layouts for varied business applications.

Use single column display for a simple contact record
Track product development tasks with SmartSuite
Create an HR Handbook with SmartSuite
Manage your programs with SmartSuite
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Design your pages however you want!

Keep it flexible and creative intuitive page layouts for your audience.

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