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Availability Status

Availability Status

Let other team members know what you’re working on, if you’re available, or if you’re busy with Availability Status.

Set personal availability status to inform your team

From Vacation to the Office, Let Your Team Know

Member profiles display personal availability status
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Let Team Members
Know Your Status

Explain your current status to your teammates in a short line of text, in your own words. Working remotely 🏡. On vacation 🏖️. In an all-day strategy meeting 🤓.  Out sick. 🤒 Mental Health Day 🧠.

See the availability status of SmartSuite Members
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Put Your Status
On Cruise Control

Avoid communicating outdated status information by setting an expiration timeframe - now you don’t have to remember to change things back from away, at lunch or on vacation.

See Member availability status at a glance
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See Everyone’s Status
At a Glance

View the availability status of your team members right from any record preview or in the public Member Directory… always just a click away from anywhere. You’ll be able to see a green dot when a member is online, and a red dot when they are unavailable.

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