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Real Time Updates

Instantly see when anything and everything is updated. Who, what, when - it’s all available in real-time, down to the second. There’s no refresh button, you’re always working on the current version.

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Update contractor data in real time
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Like You & Your Teams, SmartSuite Works in Real-Time

Grid view shows user edits in real time
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View Updates
As They Happen

Any info being updated is highlighted with a distinctive color. The name of the user making those updates is displayed as well, letting you know where your teammates are working and which fields they’re updating so that you can coordinate your next steps in real-time. 

Working in our SmartDocs? Collaborate the same way, with real-time edits visible to the entire team. Get instant feedback on your work and get things done.

See who is looking at a SmartSuite record
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See Who's Working
At a Glance

Every record shows which team members are following it. Collaboration has never been easier, with your team seeing changes being made in content that they’re interested in.

See mentions and assignments in real time
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A Single View Into
Every Important Update

Notification Center is your source for updates and changes that matter to you most. Let’s say a team member needs clarification on a task and mentions you. You’ll be instantly notified, allowing you to jump in to keep your workflow moving. 

No more searching or waiting for email and instant messages on different platforms - you know in real-time when something that you care about changes.

SmartSuite activity history tracks changes in real time
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Review Activity
In Real Time

Instantly view every update that was made since you last checked in on a work item. With Activity History, you can see what's happened by date, person, and even see current and prior values. Great for managers who want to check in on work without tagging the entire team for updates. 

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Stop, Collaborate and Listen (In Real-Time)

Ditch the refresh button and start working in unison.

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