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Power Search

Easily search for anything across every nook and cranny of SmartSuite.

Use Global Search to find anything - anywhere

Find Exactly What You Need Instantly with Power Search

Find anything anywhere with Global Search
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Find Anything

Work life is easier when you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Power Search lets you search for anything across all your solutions, instantly. Find records, files, members, assignments and conversations.

It doesn’t matter if you have 25 or 25,000 items — it’s turbo fast, giving you results in less than a second. Give it a try. 

Search all of your records with Global Search
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Search For

Perform a keyword search across the content in all of your solutions. You can quickly filter down to narrow the results by solution and find what you need — at speeds that make NASA jealous.

Find files with Global Search
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Search For

Stop looking through record after record, trying to remember where you attached something. Power Search makes it easy to find files attached to records, displaying cards with previews to spot images or file types at a glance.

Use Global Search to find an account Member
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Search For

Find the right team member… even if you can’t remember their name. (Was it Fred or Ted?)  Results are displayed as mini-member profile cards, showing their name, role and department, along with profile and background images they've added.

Use Global Search to find any assignment
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Search For

Quickly find any item that has been assigned to you, including records, sub items, checklist items, and comments. Results are grouped by solution with details to make it easy to find assigned tasks.

Use Global Search to find a specific comment
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Quickly find conversation threads you have been mentioned in, replied to, or that you follow so you can easily pick up on important discussions. Just don’t blame us if you find something cringey you said years ago.

See recently accessed items in Global Search
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Recently Searches
At Your Fingertips

Keep looking for the same thing? Just click on recent searches and we’ll find it for you...again and again and again.

Advanced search options help you find the right content
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Search Operators

Use search operators such as AND and OR to conduct complex queries, or use "quotes" to perform a search on a specific field. Look at you, a regular Sherlock Holmes.

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Search for anything.

Probably the best search you’ll ever use (Sorry, Google. Not sorry, Bing.) Let’s get started!

Free trial - NO Credit Card Required ! 👌
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