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Workflow Automations

Do practically anything with our workflow automation - set up recipes that let you eliminate time wasting and repetitive tasks and actions, so you can focus on the work that makes an impact.

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Automate application and hiring process stages
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Work Smarter With Workflow Automations

Create rules to automatically trigger actions
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Save Time With

Stop using valuable time on routine actions. Create recipes to automate repetitive tasks based on triggers - like changing dates, sending notification emails, or updating statuses - and spend your time doing the really important work. Or napping. We won’t tell. 

Automate status change and send a notification
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As Simple Or Complex
As You Need

Create custom rules in seconds (see the whole saving time section above) with our builder. 

Trying to keep it simple? An automation could be as easy as triggering to send a single Slack message when a project is marked complete. 

Prefer to get a bit spicier? Build out a complex multi-step workflow recipe with multiple triggers and actions that ensures that a critical process is streamlined and efficient...without having to meddle in tasks you dislike.

Automations Without A Line of Code
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Automations Without
A Line Of Code

You’ll never have to call IT again. With an easy drag and drop interface, any user in SmartSuite can set up complex automations in a matter of minutes. Built for business users by business users, we understand the automations you need - we use them too!

Email sales leads to create new opportunity records
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Produce New
Records From Email

Receive and manage emails directly within SmartSuite.  Link them to related work items, notify or assign team members, and always stay one step ahead in our follow-up. Never let an important email fall through the cracks again (looking at you, Jim.)

Automatically send a notification
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Stay In The

Stop constantly checking in on your team for status updates. With Dynamic Notifications, instantly trigger email send when due dates arrive or receive real-time updates when critical tasks are completed to ensure you’re always informed, not micromanaging.

Automatically update event plan details
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Update Records

Automatically update values in your records when important (to you) actions happen. Escalate a support ticket to high priority if it’s been in the queue too long or automatically assign a reviewer when a task is complete to keep your workflows moving. Unlock your team’s productivity, get all the promotions, and live a repetitive free life. 

Automatically send data from SmartSuite to other systems
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Connect All
Your Tools

We know SmartSuite isn’t going to be your one and only 💔. Create automations outside of the SmartSuite boundaries with seamless integrations to other systems like email, file storage, messaging, and SMS platforms. 

smartsuite native integrations
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Native Integrations

Customize your workflows to fit your specific needs and processes with out native integrations. No code required.

How Customers Use Automations

See how Automations can work for just about anything - if you can imagine it, you can automate it.

Explore real-world applications of Automations and consider how they can go to work for you.

Automatically escalate project issues
Automatically create a task when a new software bug is found
Automatically publish social media content
Automatically respond to cybersecurity incidents
Automatically notify construction managers
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Automate the routine work

Automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the work that makes an impact.

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