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Map View

View any of your location data in a fully interactive map format that includes powerful display features. SmartSuite is your digital playground for physical locations.

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View customer locations in Map View
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Digital Meets Physical in Map View

Select from available addresses for display in Map View
Road map
Satellite map
Hybrid map
Grayscale map
Retro map
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Map Your Data
Anywhere on Earth

Businesses working in the physical world need digital visualization tools to meet them where they are. It's particularly useful for teams in the field working on anything from real estate and property management to deliveries and construction job sites. From Australia to Alaska, if it has a location, we can map it. 

Display any address data on a configurable map
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Map Any
Address Field

We automatically recognize address fields and map records geographically, displaying a pin and preview of the address. One click expands to view the entire record in the context of the map.

Directions are a click away in Map View
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One-Click to
Map Directions

Never get lost again trying to remember an address. Pull up driving directions from anywhere with a simple click.

Customize marker style and color in Map View
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Color & Customize
Location Markers

Ohhhhhh pretty colors. Set colors and select sizes for location markers to help segment your data at a glance.

Choose Map View display elements
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Customize Your
Map Elements

You’re going to be a regular Gerard Mercator in no time (only the most famous mapmaker of all time, read a book). Choose every level of detail you want from your view, visualizing your data EXACTLY how you want it. No one else offers this...and it’s super fun to play with. 

Add all your addresses, right away
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Add As Many
Addresses As You Want

We don’t limit your data. Add all your addresses, right just takes a couple of seconds. 

Display a radius around addresses in Map View
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Map Your Data
With Radius

Apply a radius to any address data to visualize distance from locations in miles, feet, kilometers, or meters. Great for mapping territories or delivery zones. It also kind of looks like a Venn Diagram, which is pretty nifty. 

List record details in Map View
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View Addresses
In Context

One click opens the Record Listing panel, which displays all available addresses in the view. Use controls such as Sort, Group, and Spotlight to locate records. Drag and drop items directly into the view to customize what you’re seeing.

Configure Map View to display street view
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Switch into
Street View

Grab the person icon in the lower right-hand corner of any map, then drag and drop anywhere on the map to instantly switch into Google Street View. Navigate to view records in real life. It's an entirely new level of visualization - make sure you wave next time a Google car drives by!

Display 3D cityscapes in Map View
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Zoom In and View
3D Cityscapes

Set your view to Hybrid or Satellite mode, then zoom in on urban settings to view cityscapes and buildings in 3D. Get a feel for the surroundings of all your physical addresses, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

How Customers Use Map View

Explore real-world use cases to get inspired for how Map View can be used in your work.

Power security operations processes with SmartSuite
Plan property management activities using Map View
Manage supply chain logistics with Map View
Manage delivery routes and planning with Map View
Visualize sales territories with Map View
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Report Toolbar Controls for Map View

Track physical locations in your digital world

Create map views for address information

Address Selector

Select among address fields in an application to display in Map View.

Create nested sorts in reports


Sort your data in the way it makes sense for you, whether that's alphabetical, by a numeric value, by date, or something cool completely unique to you.

Apply multiple filters to a report


Filter your data by any other field, returning just the items you're looking for.

Group records by owner and priority in a report


Group your data by the value of other fields, helping you organize and understand complex information easily.

Set rules to highlight data in a report


Give special visual attention to important information by creating rules that match and highlight conditions or values you specify.

Search for data in a report


If you're looking for a particular bit of text in your records, you can quickly use the find filter to narrow things down.

Expand a Map report to view in full screen

Full Screen Map

Maximize your SmartSuite real-estate by flipping to full screen mode for any view type.

Print and export all your reports

Print / Export Reports

Print in a couple clicks, or export to PDF, CSV, Excel or Google Sheets.

Map View provides easy access to record details

Map Record Listing

View a listing of all the records in an application. Click any tile to jump to individual records on the map.

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Follow our map to the future of work.

View location data in a fully interactive map format.

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