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Starred Items

Starred Items

Quickly pin important items for easy access.

Flag items in SmartSuite as starred favorites

Quickly Access What’s Important To You

Use starred items to navigate rapidly
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Get To What
You Need Faster

Create shortcuts to your current work or favorite items and easily access them from one spot with just a click. Almost anything can be Starred in SmartSuite - Solutions, Reports, Dashboards, Records and Pages.

Use drag and drop to order starred items
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Your Favorites

Shift Starred items up and down to organize items however you want - maybe it’s by solution, work priority, or the most important items you're tracking. Maybe you enjoy chaos and just like moving things around. We won’t judge.

Pin starred items to the top
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Keep What's Important
At the Top

Pin items in place within your Starred Items to quickly access your (most favorite) favorites 😉.

Search all your starred items
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Starred Items

Let’s say you have A LOT of favorites. Quickly search and find favorite items by record, report name, or solution.

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You're a star to us, so c’mon, get to starring.

Pin “signing up” to the top of your Starred Items.

Free trial - NO Credit Card Required ! 👌
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Coming Soon !

Our awesome native apps are coming along and will be published really soon !

Will be available by January 1, 2022