Build powerful, visually thrilling views into your information. Gain visual insight into the performance of any team, process or project, and make smarter business decisions.

Create visual dashboards with charts for sales and client services

Visualize Your Work with Dashboards

Create executive dashboards summarizing data in key metrics, charts and timeline
Dashboard of company wide metrics and charts
Dashboard of key client services reports
Evaluate testing progress in a dashboard
Dashboard of key performance indicators as metrics and charts
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Supercharge Your Teams
With Dashboards

Aggregate any of your data into a single view using a comprehensive library of easy-to-configure visuals. No more digging for information - it’s right there in all of its glory, however you choose to display it.

Understand relationships, evaluate dependencies, and track metrics that measure the state of your business.

The possibilities are limitless, from teams unifying around shared priorities, to leaders maintaining a pulse on all parts of their organization. Work smarter in all facets of your organization.

Create dashboards for executives, management, teams and individuals
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Dashboards For Every
Department and Team

Create dashboards to visualize information at each “layer” of your organization. Executive leaders, departments, teams, programs, projects, clients, and even individuals can have their own dashboards with the data they need.

Create a dashboard of key company metrics and charts
Dashboard of social media campaigns with assets, calendar and status.
Monitor your design process with a dashboard
Dashboard of rental properties with a map, status report, and chart
Use dashboards to monitor team workload
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Track Key Metrics &
Data in Charts

Use dynamic widgets to embed charts, calculate and track metrics, or summarize in tables.

Browse all of the available dashboard widgets
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Easily Build
The Perfect Dashboard

Our Widget Library makes it easy to tailor any dashboard to the specific project or process you’re working on. In just a few clicks, add charts, metrics, text, file links, announcements, and more. Customize to your heart - and brain’s -  desire. 

Embed files, videos and rich content in dashboard widgets
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Bring Your Tools
Into One Dashboard

It’s not just SmartSuite items you can add to dashboards. From websites to custom HTML, embed social media feeds, docs from Google Drive or Microsoft Office, Jira, and Confluence, putting key information from adjacent systems at your teams' fingertips. You might even be able to close a tab or two.

How Customers Use Dashboards

Explore the power of Dashboards and get inspired by real-world applications to see how they can go to work for you.

Dashboard of company metrics and charts with male executive leader
Sales dashboard with key metrics, charts and sales director
Create a project dashboard for account teams with a female account manager
Create a dashboard of non profit organization
Create a dashboard of engineering project metrics and charts
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Dashboard Widgets

Start with your favorite metrics and go from there - our dashboards offer WAY more than just analytics.

Display a text field type


Add a single line of text like a name or title.

Company announcements in a dashboard widget


Post company-wide, departmental or team announcements to keep everyone in the know.

Daily teammate check-ins posted to a dashboard widget


Run your Agile standup meetings directly in your teams' dashboards. Perfect for remote organizations.

Marketing assets attached to a dashboard widget

File Listing

Upload important files and images as links for members to access in a click.

Chart of tasks by month in a dashboard widget


Bring your dashboard alive with interactive, visual representations of your data.

Countdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds in a dashboard widget


Count down to a product release, end of the quarter or any big event.

World clock displaying multiple timezones in a dashboard widget

World Clock

See the time at your colleague, customer or partner locations at a glance.

Display multiple sales metrics in a dashboard widget


Rollup key metrics from any solution to quantify projects or processes at-a-glance.

Link to SmartSuite reports in a dashboard widget

Report Listing

Create quick links to internal SmartSuite reports.

Sum values from records in a dashboard widget


Drop in tables to summarize records and data.

Embed a grid report in a dashboard widget

Grid View

Integrate any Grid View directly in dashboards.

Embed a card report in a dashboard widget

Card View

Visualize important items with Card View.

Embed a map report in a dashboard widget

Map View

The physical world meets digital with Map View embedded into any dashboard. See all your locations visualized.

Embed a calendar report in a dashboard widget

Calendar View

Track key milestones, color code activities by date to stay on top of workflow.

Embed a timeline report in a dashboard widget

Timeline View

Plan and stay proactive with visual, interactive timelines.

Embed a grid kanban report in a dashboard widget

Kanban View

Push and pull process workflow with Kanban View directly in a dashboard.

Embed a video in a dashboard widget

Custom Embed

Embed custom HTML, web pages, apps - anything - directly into your dashboard.

Make links instantly accessible with the Link Listing widget

Links Listing

Create a list of internal or external website links.

Widgets. Fun to say. Powerful to use.

Start using powerful Dashboards and unlock fresh insights today.

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