Expediting Construction Project Management

Solutions designed to support a wide range of construction projects, from residential to large-scale construction programs. Manage simple bids, complex RFPs, subcontractors, equipment, and more.

SmartSuite empowers construction project managers

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Common Use Cases

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Streamline construction projects with unified processe

Streamline Your
Construction Business

Create a single source of truth for all aspects of your construction projects on a single platform. Manage quotes and bids, streamline field-to-office workflows, and increase project and budget visibility. Adaptable to jobs of any size, you’ll effortlessly manage designs, coordinate with contractors, and ensure your team is achieving every milestone and delivering on time.

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SmartSuite will help you better manage new client relationships

Turn Prospects
Into Projects

Successful construction professionals know that closing new business requires great communication and prompt responses to request for estimates and proposals.  SmartSuite will help you better manage new client relationships, create estimates and craft quotes or proposals in a single collaborative work management platform.

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Manage any construction project

Manage Any
Construction Project

SmartSuite is the lightweight, easy-to-use project management solution you've been waiting for in the construction industry. Connect projects to scope, manage timelines, track progress in real-time and manage resources in one central location.

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Easily Track and Manage Change Requests & Issues

Easily Track and Manage Change Requests & Issues

Change requests are inevitable, but with SmartSuite you can better track and manage these to help protect your bottom line and enhance client communication.

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Manage Home Remodel Projects

Manage Home
Remodel Projects

From inspiration to that moment of relaxation, enjoying a job well done, use SmartSuite to manage any home remodeling project. Home owners can track all the details for self-management, or contractors can use this solutions to tighten communication and progress reporting with clients.

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How SmartSuite Works For Your Teams

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Home Remodel project tasks with status values

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Home Remodel Project

Ready to refresh and renovate? Build your remodel plans from inspiration through design and construction. Track quotes, manage contractors and vendors, and centralize all your scope, budget and payments in one handy solution.

Home Remodel project tasks with status values

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Construction Project Management

Manage your portfolio of construction projects in one central space. Track major projects, tasks, permits, properties and change orders at a glance. This is designed for in-depth construction project managment.


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Construction Meeting Minutes

Never leave a construction meeting confused or drained again. Plan agendas, capture notes, assign action items, keep up on team construction activities from one place.


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