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Data Import

Quickly import your data into SmartSuite from spreadsheets, contacts, calendars, and more.

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Import project plan data from CSV, Excel and Google Sheets
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Easily Bring Your Data Into SmartSuite

Import many different file formats
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Quickly Import Data from
Multiple Sources

We’ll do all the hard work. Sit back and relax while SmartSuite imports project, process, calendar, and contact data. Our friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy to bring in your data.

Create records fast with data import
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Instantly Create
New Records

Map fields from a spreadsheet to a target SmartSuite solution, click import, and instantly create new records.

Select the key field to match on during import updates
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Quickly Update
Existing Records

Perform bulk updates to your existing data by importing from a spreadsheet.

Better yet, automate the entire process so your team never has to waste another second updating data by hand.

SmartSuite validates your data during import
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Data Validation
Ensures Quality

Bad data leads to bad decisions, which is why SmartSuite Import performs a series of checks to ensure data formats match the field types your import is using. This real-time validation ensures data quality and you'll see a visual display of issues, allowing you to make quick fixes to complete your import.

Bring data from thousands of systems into SmartSuite with Zapier
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Keep Your Data
In Sync With Zapier

Is your data in a bunch of places? Have more advanced needs to keep it all synced? Our Zapier connection is perfect for you. It provides connections with over 2,000 other products, allowing you to keep all your records in sync with all your tools.

Use the SmartSuite REST API to import data
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For Advanced Needs,
Use the SmartSuite API

It’s your data, control it how you want. You (read: your developers) can use our industry-leading REST API to push, pull, or transform your data between SmartSuite and other systems.

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Dive Into the Details of Data Import

Check out the key features of data import and jump start your work in SmartSuite.

Import Excel and CSV format files

CSV or Excel

Export or prepare your data in CSV or Excel to import from any external source.

Import contact and calendar data

Calendar and Contacts

iCal and vCard. Bringing in calendar and contact data couldn’t be easier with support for these standard formats.

Import data into any SmartSuite Application

Import Targets

Select the Solution and Application you want to import into.

Select field mapping during import

Map Fields

Choose which fields to target with data from your import file.

Update existing data with an import

Update Existing Records

Optionally update records by selecting an import column to match on.

SmartSuite detects errors in import data

Data Validation

Errors in your import data are highlighted in the preview grid so you can fix them easily and instantly.

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