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Users and Permissions

With our intuitive Permissions feature, you can effortlessly manage access to your business workflows. Ensure the right people have the right access, fostering collaboration while maintaining security and control.

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Grant the Right Access to the Right People

Provide access to specific users or Teams
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Permission Your
Projects & Processes

Access to your work in SmartSuite is set up by providing permissions to view, edit or create data for workflows and projects.

Team members can see and interact with content they have explicitly been granted permission to, and can be limited to read-only views into important or sensitive information. By granting the right permissions, you promote collaboration in a structured manner.

Give everyone access to key information
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Grant the Right People
The Right Access

Great team collaboration starts with making sure the right people have the right access to workflow content. It’s not about taking permissions away from people - it’s simply about making sure the correct users can view and edit different content in a secure way. 

SmartSuite makes it easy to set permissions for everyone in your account, allowing the correct team members to view, edit or collaborate.

Grant Teams access to the data they need
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Grant Access
To Specific Teams

It's easy to grant Teams umbrella permissions in SmartSuite. Like three clicks max easy. Only the teams you choose will be able to actually see, edit and collaborate in the selected workflow. 

As you add or remove members from a team, their permissions are automatically updated.

Advanced permissions ensure the right people have access
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Grant Advanced Permissions

Some solutions require more advanced permissions — and SmartSuite makes it easy to manage those. Grant more restrictive access to everyone, specific members or entire teams.

The available permission levels are Full Access, Editor, Contributor, and Viewer.

Restrict access to data at the field level
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Field Level

Control who can see or interact with data in a single field in a workflow. 

Field-level permissions allow you to limit or remove access to content in a specific field. 

For instance, you can restrict employees from seeing sensitive data in the salary field of an HR workflow or viewing confidential client information.

Easily invite new members to your SmartSuite account
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Invite Members

It's easy to invite new team members to join any solution. Invite multiple members at a time, add characteristics such as Member Type, assign a Role, and add them to one or many Teams at the same time.

How Customers Use Permissions

See how companies are using SmartSuite permissions within their workflows.

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Optimize finance department processes with SmartSuite
Human resources processes are optimizes with SmartSuite
Ensure corporate governance processes are secure
Manage contractors in one place
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Enterprise level security and permissions.

Grant permissions at the workspace, solution, table, record and field levels.

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