Automate Any Workflow In
4 Simple Steps

Use SmartSuite's visual interface to capture the data you need, and set it in motion with automated workflows for all your unique processes, projects or everyday tasks.

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Create New Workflows with No Coding Required

If you can create a spreadsheet, you can create a new workflow.

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Select the fields to be used in your workflow

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    Use our simple and intuitive interface to easily build the structure of your solution.
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    Select from over 40 field types - from simple text and data fields, to rich text documents embedded right in your form.
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    Use advanced field types like Linked Record to create relationships between solutions.
List of new fields available to add to an application
List of basic fields available to add to an application
List of collaboration related and project essentials fields available to add to an application
List of more advanced fields available to add to an application
Use 70/30 column display for content-heavy records
Use two columns to organize fields into logical groupings
Single column mode displays data in a compact format
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Page Styling

Select the page style that is best for your audience

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    Select a page style that supports the process you are building.
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    Organize the fields on the page in a way that supports your process.
Sales dashboard with key metrics, charts and sales director
Use a spreadsheet style grid to manage sales process data
Attach resumes and onboarding documents to new hire records
Change the status of design records in Kanban view
Manage media plans in a calendar
Visualize marketing campaigns with Timeline View
View customer locations in Map View
Stacked bar chart of deals by venture partner
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Data Visualization

Visualize what matters.

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    Select from 8 different report types to visualize your data in ways that help manage your process.
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    Create dashboards that can contain charts, graphs, op-line metrics and more - to help provide insights in the health of your process or project.
Give everyone access to key information
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Select the people that can access your new solution.

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    Cut out the noise and assign people to only the permissions they need to do their jobs.
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    Control access to sensitive data or restrict who can update business-critical data.

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SmartSuite Kanban report on a phone, tablet and web browserSmartSuite Kanban report on a phone, tablet and web browserbrand elementsSmartSuite Kanban report on a phone, tablet and web browserbrand elements
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