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Member Directory

Member Directory

Easily find, connect and collaborate with team members anywhere in the world. Check out who’s available and get to know other team members through their profiles.

Member Directory keeps you in touch with your teammates

Your Teams, Your Culture, Anywhere

Information is available about your teammates at a glance
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A Complete
Member Directory

Organizations of every shape, size, and location enjoy a comprehensive employee directory built directly into SmartSuite. Team members connect and add to your culture through member profiles that mix work and life details. HR leaders love it!

Manage your private user profile
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Introduce Yourself
To Everyone

Stop the awkward icebreaker games when onboarding new employees! With the ability to craft their work profiles, adding pictures, personal and professional interests, and more, team members have complete control over how they introduce themselves. Remote work or in the office, collaboration gets even better when you know your coworkers. 

Search the Member Directory to find the right resource
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Match the Right Resource
With the Right Job

Stop searching through old RFPs, bios, and resumes to find the right resource.

Team members can add skills and experiences to their profile, making it easy to find the best resource for any task or project. Search the Member Directory for specific skills, experience, hobbies, and more.

See if a member is online and available to collaborate
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See Who's Online
(And What Time It Is)

Quickly view team members online and available to collaborate in real-time. Green dots mean they're online. Red dots mean they're away. Best of all, stop Googling timezones — in SmartSuite, you can automatically see the local time for all your co-workers.

Filter Member Directory to find the perfect resource
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Filter and View

Different Teams

Quickly flip between pre-built views to see team members by department, location, role, time zone, status, team, and more. Make it easier for employees to understand who to contact. Then, throw the best happy hours.

Use Member Directory to find potential collaborators
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Member Profiles

Instantly search all member profiles to find members by name or any attribute of their profile - including department, title, role, skills, certifications and much more.

Display a mini-profile to see who is assigned or mentioned
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Employee Snapshots

On Hover

Hover over any Member assignment to view a mini-profile with basic contact information and a status dot indicating if they're online. Simply click the pop-up to view their entire profile.

Download a vCard to add members to your personal contact list
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Save to Your

Stop tracking down co-worker phone numbers. Download and save member profiles to your contacts with a single click.

Member Directory is available on the go
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Your Team
On the Go

It’s just as easy to wish a co-worker Happy Birthday on mobile! Check team member availability and reach out directly from your iPhone or Android using contact info stored in member profiles. Built-in collaboration at your fingertips.

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It's like your team's private LinkedIn - without the awkward recruiters.

Creating collaborative teams starts with better connection points.

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