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My Work

A single place to view your assigned work across all processes and projects. View tasks by priority and due date, then get to work.

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My Work helps you manage all of your tasks
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All Your Assignments In One Place

My Work consolidates you tasks into a single list
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See What Needs
To Get Done

My Work allows you to easily view and manage all your assigned tasks across SmartSuite in one place. No need to waste time jumping back and forth between different projects or processes to see what has been assigned to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s overdue, assigned for today, or a month away - it’s all here. With My Work you can just focus on doing great work, without distractions.

Make your tasks and deadlines crystal clear
Assign anything as a task
Assign sub-item tasks to individual contributors
Assign checklist items to manage the details
Assign comments to get user feedback and review
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Multiple Ways
To Assign Work

Tasks in SmartSuite can take many shapes — records, checklists, comments, and sub items can be assigned to members with a due date.

It’s also easy as can be to manage workloads and assign new items — you have full customization power.

Anything and everything assigned to members will always appear in their My Work display.

Learn more about Tasks

Manage personal tasks with My Work
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Create Your Own
Personal Tasks

We didn’t forget about those important items you have brewing in your mind to tackle on your own initiative!

Create personal tasks directly in My Work and enjoy a unified picture of everything you’re working on. See the history, see what you’ve completed, and easily check things off your to-do list.

Organize all of your work by due date
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View Tasks
By Due Date

By default, assigned tasks are organized according to the due date of the assignment, but users can always customize My Work to group by status, priority, or solution.

Overdue assignments are highlighted
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Start With Overdue

Overdue assignments are presented at the top of the page to help you understand items that are past due and how long they've been lingering… not that you’ll have any.

See a summary of your work at a glance
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Click to
View the Details

It can be difficult to fully understand the context of an assigned task, so just click through on the task name to view the full details of the work that’s needing to be done.

Understand How to Use My Work

Check out how My Work is used in the real world to see how it can work for you.

My Work consolidates you tasks into a single list
Manage all of your business analysis work
Manage architecture project tasks with My Work
Use My Work to complete real estate development projects
Navigate your design tasks with My Work
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Never miss an assignment.

A single place to team members to view their assigned task across all processes and projects.

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