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Chart View

Visualize your data with multiple chart types, from bar and line charts to bubble, heat map, scatter, donut and more.

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Create charts to visualize and analyze your data
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Great Visualization Leads to Greater Insights

Example of bar, column, line, scatter, pie, donut and heat map charts
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Your Data

Compare items by shared data groupings with Bar and Column charts. Track values over time with Line and Area charts. Use Pie or Donut charts to instantly assess how common items relate to each other. Finally, dive into some advanced options for viewing more complex relationships with Bubble, Scatter or Heat Map charts. 

Drill into a bar chart and display data
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View Your Data
With Bar Chart

Compare items between groups such as “Support Tickets by Assigned Rep”, track changes to values over time or view total hours used by resources on a project.

Stacked bar chart of deals by venture partner
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Mix It Up With
Stacked Bar Chart

Use Stacked Bar Charts to compare multiple values across groupings. Each value is color-coded for at-a-glance comparison.

Column chart of safety incidents grouped by month
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Compare Data With
Column Charts

Customize your Column Charts to compare items by groupings that make sense for your analysis. One very specific example: tracking safety incidents in a manufacturing plant by area.

Stacked column chart of sales opportunities by sales rep and status
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Build Reports With
Stacked Column Charts

Stacked Column Charts make it easy to compare items by grouping, such as the deal flow of your sales reps. They also look really cool.

Bubble chart of life expectancy rates by country
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Get Advanced With
Bubble Chart

Visualize relationships between three or more numeric variables, letting users see the relative size of each data point in the context of two other variables. A fourth dimension can be added by coloring each circle.

Scatter chart of data by year
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Visualize Patterns With Scatter Chart

Display the relationship between two variables, allowing users to easily understand patterns and correlations in the data.

Stacked area chart of budgeted marketing spend compared to actual
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The Ever Popular
Stacked Area Chart

Use Stacked Area charts to compare values over time, such as a classic Budget vs. Actual chart. Never goes out of style.

Line chart of marketing leads by social media channel per month
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Analyze Trends
Line Charts

Track a series of values over time with Line Charts. Identify trends and spot issues as values ebb and flow. Great for reports, we also make it easy to export!

Donut chart of market share
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Get Tasty Data
With Donut Charts

Emphasize large differences in part-to-whole relationships in your data, providing users with an understanding of percentage values at a glance.

Pie chart of sales by region
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Data Looks Delicious
With Pie Chart

Display percentages and other proportional information at a glance, allowing viewers to quickly understand relative values of a small number of items.

Heat map of security incidents and risks by location
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Get the Hottest Data
With Heatmaps

Another great advanced chart type, display qualitative and quantitative information in a two-dimensional representation with values represented as colors, providing a visual way to give users a “big picture” holistic view of your data.

How Customers Use Charts

Explore real-world uses of charts to see how they can be put to work in your organization.

Create a dashboard of non profit organization
See distribution center inventories at a glance
Visualize enterprise data with Chart View
Visualize portfolio performance with Chart View
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Charting Highlights and Features

Charts include rich features to shape how you view, analyze and share your data.

Display totals for your chart series

Chart Totals

Summarize your data and display the min, max or average of numbers or a total count of items.

Set benchmark lines for your charts

Benchmark Lines

Visualize goals by displaying a benchmark line on your chart that shows exactly where a target is.

Dynamically filter data in your charts

Dynamic Filters

Set filters that can dynamically adjust a chart’s timeframe with a single click.

Customize chart colors to make data pop

Chart Colors

Highlight important data with color, selecting from a palette of options to suit your needs.

Roll-up data displayed in your charts

Data Rollup

Roll up data to show summaries, displaying a total, average min or max for a series of values.

Easily group chart data by date

Data Grouping

Group your data by a key value, showing sales by region, projects by status or revenue by month.

See series detail on hover

Chart Hover

See every underlying data point in a detailed popup that is displayed on hover.

Drill into any series on a chart to see the underlying data

Chart Drill-In

Drill into any data series to view the individual records that makes up the total.

Display a descriptive legend for your charts

Chart Legends

Focus in on specific elements by toggling data series on and off by clicking them in the legend.

Add descriptive data labels to your charts

Data Labels

Show clean lines and display trends with unlabeled data series, or get detailed and show every value.

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