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Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Never worry about losing data! Anything you delete can be restored in a couple of clicks.

Restore deleted data using recycle bin

Recover And Restore Any Deleted Data

View or restore deleted records in the recycle bin
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Our Recycle Bin
Is Your Safety Net

Records, fields, applications, solutions - basically anything that can be deleted - are placed into the recycling bin. As much fun as a shot of adrenaline is, don’t panic! You’ll have plenty of time to restore accidentally deleted content.

Deleted items can be viewed in the recycle bin
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Just a
Click Away

Find Recycle Bin by clicking on your Member Profile from any screen.

Filter the recycle bin to find deleted items
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You’ll Always Know
What, Where and When

See at a glance who deleted fields or content, filtering by the deleting user or Solution. Dates show the time the item was deleted.

Deleted items are easily restored from recycle bin
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If You Can Delete It
You Can Restore It

Anyone who can delete anything can restore it while it’s still in the recycle bin.

Permanently delete recycle bin items for extra security
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If You Need It Gone,
You Can Make It Gone

Sometimes you need to make sure that certain content is removed - not a problem. Admins can permanently delete anything, and Solution Managers can permanently delete things in their Solutions. Done!

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Free Oooooops Button included with every subscription.

Recycling is good for everyone! Get started today.

Free trial - NO Credit Card Required ! 👌
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Our awesome native apps are coming along and will be published really soon !

Will be available by January 1, 2022