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Task Management

At the core of any work management platform is good project management software. Ours is great. Deliver everything from simple projects to complex programs and general business processes, on time and on budget.

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Assign anything as a task
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Turn Anything Into
An Assigned Task

If you can add an assignment, status and due date to it, then it’s a task that gets tracked to completion. 

Your project managers will love the ability to create tasks that range from simple follow-ups to a conversation to a list of to-dos or creating a complex deliverable that takes sustained focus and an extended timeline to deliver.

Assign records to project staff
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Assign Records
To Anyone

Task management in SmartSuite starts here. Records are where the work gets done on a daily basis. Customize each record with our over 40 field types, then track it towards completion, assigning team members to entire programs, projects, or records within a process workflow.

Take a quick look and see what the status of an assignment is, plus the due date. With a quick color code, you can see if your process is on time, or if you need to give the team a push across the finish line. 

Assign checklist items to manage the details
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Checklist items are simple, informal to-dos that can be assigned an owner and due date. They're either open or closed and are perfect for tracking those small details that often get lost in space...or notebooks.

Assign comments to get user feedback and review
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Just like in-person discussions, comments in SmartSuite conversations often trigger some form of follow-up action. That’s why any comment within a conversation can be assigned to a team member and tracked as a task until it’s resolved.

Bring all of your tasks together
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All Tasks Come
Together in My Work

Any team member can access their My Work dashboard, ensuring they have their marching orders on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Any and every task is pulled through in real-time to this feed.

Manage your personal tasks
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Don't Forget About
Personal To-Dos

What about the tasks you assign yourself? The important items you’re working on, clients and colleagues to touch base with, or team members you’re mentoring that could use some attention. Create personal tasks directly in My Work and enjoy a unified picture of everything you’re working on. They also work great as reminders to pick up groceries. 

Visualize your tasks in configurable reports
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Custom Work
In Progress Reports

Track who's responsible for what task in big projects, balance workloads for everyday operating processes, or track timelines for any grouping of tasks. Share with the team, clients or use for your own productivity - it’s up to you!

How Customers Use Task Management

Check out real-world examples of how SmartSuite tasks can be used for any program, project or process.

Manage your programs with SmartSuite
Manage company goals and initiatives
Plan and schedule client services projects and delivery
Use SmartSuite to optimize Due Diligence projects
Create and approve marketing campaign content
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Project Essentials

Task management features are built into the fabric of SmartSuite. Explore our Project Essentials field types to deliver tasks, projects and processes your way.

Create a field that assigns a record to a user

Assigned To

Assign one or more members to a record.

Create a field that displays a due date for a record

Due Date

Specify the date and time something is due so everyone’s working off the same deadline—no matter their time zone.

Create a field that displays a duration value


Track a time duration in days, hours and minutes.

Create a field that displays a percent value as a progress bar

Percent Complete

Always know how close your or your team is to completing any task or process.

Create a status field that displays a unique status value


Track the overall status of things like tasks, activities, or projects. Experience the joy of marking something complete.

Create a field that displays list of checklist items to check off


Manage a list of things that need to get done. Assign items to members, include a due dates, and check them off as you complete them.

Create a field that captures time logged for a task

Time Tracking

Keep track of the time spent on specific tasks, along with who performed the work. Pull specific time tracking reports.

Set task priority with a click


Add a priority to help team members understand which tasks to focus on first.

Drill into project task details

Task Detail

Use rich text to enter the details for each task.

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