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Create New Workflows

In SmartSuite, Solutions drive projects to completion and keep work flowing through processes. Get a jumpstart with one of our templates, or create entirely new solutions to support your unique needs. Simply work the way you want.

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Create custom solutions from scratch in SmartSuite
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Build A Solution For How You Work

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If You Can Dream It
You Can Build It

SmartSuite transforms to adapt to your distinct way of working - not the other way around. If you can build a spreadsheet, you can create transformative business solutions for your teams.

List of new fields available to add to an application
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Start Easy,
Just Add Fields

Step one! Fields are the building blocks in SmartSuite. Don’t let the 40+ options intimidate you - just choose one and get to creating! You’ll find the different names will help visualize the masterpiece you are painting. Just call yourself Leonardo. 

Learn more about Field Types

Add new applications to a SmartSuite solution
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Segment Your Projects
By Creating Tables

Step two! To each table, just add fields, drag and drop placements, pick your layout, and add sections with a few clicks. Boom, your project is ready to go! Create one to store your assets, another to request images, another for your sales pipeline, and so on.

Learn more about Record Layouts

Create grid, timeline, chart and card reports
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Build Reports for
Projects & Processes

Alright, you’ve got your solution built out. Let’s take a look at that data and create reports to view assignments, statuses, priority, and workflow stages. Reports are just as easy to build as the application itself, and can easily be set to public or private.

Learn more about Reports

Assign team permissions to access custom solutions in SmartSuite
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Choose Who
Has Access

Sure, you’ll want to show off your work to the world, but sometimes you have some sensitive data that you need to keep away from prying eyes. 

Control who accesses what by assigning predefined roles or advanced permissions to team members.

Learn more about Permissions

Automatically send a notification when status changes to complete
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Take It Up A Notch
With Automations

Once you’ve got the basics down (which takes most people around 10 minutes), you’re ready to move onto SmartSuite 202. Our automation features let you create triggers for just about everything, producing instant action items in your beautifully designed solution. So much extra time to...well, that’s up to you!

Learn more about Automations

Integrate existing systems with SmartSuite using Zapier
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You Need
Your Tools

Eventually, we’ll win you over and be your one and only. Until then, use native integrations or Zapier to consolidate data and simplify the way your teams work in SmartSuite. 

Learn more about Integrations

How Customers Build Their Solutions

Check out some real-world use cases to understand how building unique-to-your-business solutions can help save time and just get more done.

Kanban board of startup tasks with female founder
Kanban report of tasks by status for a custom process
Grid report of IT systems with male IT manager
Card display of construction equipment available for rental
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