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Your spreadsheets, just a bit smarter. Calculate values based on other fields using simple functions or advanced logic.

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Calculate the value of items in inventory with supply chain manager
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Formula Field Makes It Easy to Calculate Metrics

Calculate dates, number values and more
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Calculate Values & Metrics
For Any Business Need

Get all the formula and calculation features you'll find in a spreadsheet (more, actually😉) with the added benefit of being even easier to use. We’ll pull in the values from your data, so you just have to focus on the calculations.

Keep it simple for everyday calculations, or enter advanced mode to go deeper into our library of operators and functions. Rejoice, Excel nerds. 

Simple formulas are easy to configure
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Simple Formula Builder
For Everyday Calcs

It’s no sweat to perform commonly used calculations with our intuitive formula builder. Select your two eligible numeric fields to add, subtract, multiply or divide, and BAM, you got exactly what you’re looking for!  

Advanced formula builder gives you control and flexibility
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Advanced Formula Builder
For When You Need It

Are you an Excel Ninja? We have you covered with our advanced formula builder. It's intuitive to use and takes just a moment to get used to so you don't have to be a spreadsheet guru to build more complex calculations.

Calculate values using data from linked applications
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Calculate Values
Between Linked Work

Is your data spread out in SmartSuite? We make it easy to pull info from different records into your calculations. For example, see how many trouble tickets are open, which projects are delayed, how much more of a project total you need to invoice, or the number of tasks in a queue at a glance. Best of all, these are automatic calculations - we are just saving you loads of time. 

Use formula operators to evaluate and compare values
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All the Operators 
You Need

Choose operators and fields to evaluate, outputting a numeric, date or text result that can be used in reports, charts and other formulas.

Numerous functions are available in Formulas
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A Complete
Library of Functions

SmartSuite offers a comprehensive suite of functions that can be selected in an easy, clickable interface. Use simple functions such as Average or Sum, to more advanced If-Then logical functions.

Take a look at how customers use Formulas to see how you can use them in your work.

Calculate sales totals with a Formula
Use custom formulas to develop budgets and goals
Create risk calculations and scoring with Formulas
Create a prioritization score with a Formula
Create a net promoter score calculation
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We just calculated you have no time to waste.

Find the right formula to working smarter.

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