Activity History

Activity History automatically tracks every action in SmartSuite. Know what your teammates are working on and what changes they’ve made, in real-time.

Track every change to your record content

Never Miss an Important Activity

See an overview of activity by date
Built for a culture of collaboration
View field-level activity history
See activity history for any report
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View Every
Single Update

Activity History tracks and logs when items are created and last updated as well as any change to content. Full transparency into the work being done at all levels adds to a culture of collaboration, not double-guessing. 

See record-level activity history
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See Changes
At Record Level

For any record, you can view changes by date and time. See who made the change, the previous value, and the current value for each field that was updated. With a live stream of actions, context and collaboration are built into every task.

View field-level activity history
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Take a Wide View with
Activity Stream

The Activity Stream view compiles a collection of activity history across any and all records of your choosing. Want to see each update made across a project with multiple solutions? You’re in the right place.

It's great for tracking phases of a project, seeing shifts in hours, high-velocity work like applications and hiring, support tickets with updates happening in parallel, seeing all changes across a client.

Think of this as the fabled 30,000 foot view. Stop digging for info and start collaborating. ✈️

Activity history can be filtered
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Filter by
Filter Controls

Filter Activity History in a record by members to show just their changes, making it easy to see their contributions or which edits they made.

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Transparency Leads To Better Team Work  👀

Collaborate using Activity History to keep a real-time log of your most important work.

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