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Communication Center

Communicate with your team right where your work is being performed.

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Have conversations in the context of your work
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Conversations Happen In Real-Time, No Matter Where You Are

Create threaded chat discussions directly in SmartSuite records
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Boost Productivity with Contextual Conversations

No more back-and-forth between different platforms. Have the relevant conversations right in the context of your work. Improve productivity and efficiency with focused, contextual discussions.
Share an idea, ask questions, clarify details, or convey the nuances of status, risk or blocking issue.  It like a personal Slack channel right where the work is getting done

Mention users with an @ symbol to flag them in a comment
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Grab Attention
With A Mention

@mention members or assign comments to pull them in to a quick conversation to keep work moving. Every @mention triggers notifications to the recipient's Notification Center in SmartSuite and via email.

See open comments in a grid and click to open
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Open Comments
Directly In Grid View

Display Open Comments in Grid View to quickly spot conversations at-a-glance. Click the icon to open an existing conversation and jump in. 

Use rich text formatting within a comment
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More Options for Content
To Tell Your Story

A unique and game-changing feature allows users to add images, attachments, emojis, and more to any conversation. When words aren’t enough, bring in the big guns to weave your perfect story, no matter what your topic. 

Easily filter your conversations
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Instantly Filter

Stay focused on Open Comments, or quickly shift to view All or Resolved items in any record. Next up is making a version of this for face-to-face conversations.

Check off assigned comments as resolved
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Assignments With
A Simple Comment

Conversations inevitably create action items, which are easily lost in the sea of competing priorities. Comments can be assigned to members, appearing in their notifications and My Work until they are marked as resolved.

seamless email integration
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Email Integration

Introducing our latest feature - direct email integration within tasks. Now you can send an email from within any task in SmartSuite, enhancing collaboration while reducing context switching. Keep all your communication - and your focus - in one place.

seamless email integration
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Extend Your Conversations Beyond SmartSuite

Reach out to those outside of SmartSuite without leaving your workflow. Send emails to external contacts and have the conversation tracked within the context of your task. Simplify communication and keep your team in the loop.

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Personalize Your Emails with Smart Templates

Efficiently compose context-rich emails using our new templating feature. Pull data directly from your tasks to generate customized emails – populate the 'To' field, craft the perfect subject line, and create a personalized email body. Make every communication meaningful and time-efficient with SmartSuite.

Let's Talk About How Customers Use Conversations

Explore how customers use conversations to collaborate smarter and see how they can improve your team’s communication.

Comment thread about financial budgets
Conversation between marketing team members on a design
Run your startup company on SmartSuite
Discuss legal matters directly within SmartSuite records
Conversation chat about a software bug
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Conversation Rich Text Features

Enhance any conversation with text and formatting features available in our next-gen docs.

Use rich text formatting in chat conversations

Rich Text

Use all the rich text features available in documents directly in comments. Tell your story.

Insert an image directly into a SmartDoc

Insert An Image

Display images by selecting or pasting them into your document or comment. No, not every comment needs a meme.

Embed links in a SmartDoc

Embed Links

Create rich hyperlinks to external sites or link to internal SmartSuite content.

Number a list in SmartDoc

Numbered List

Use a numbered list for your information to make it easy to reference.

Add attachments to your SmartDocs

Add An Attachment

Share files of any type by easily embedding them.

Use headings to structure and organize SmartDoc content

Heading Styles

Format text with distinctive headings that allow you to collapse their content.

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