Trust And Security

SmartSuite is safe and secure

Because your trust and security is paramount to us, we’ve engineered the SmartSuite work management platform following industry leading standards.

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Data Encryption

All communications with SmartSuite are HTTPS encrypted, and data at rest is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

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Security Lifecycle

Security is a fundamental part of SmartSuite’s application development lifecycle and is incorporated into the design, development, testing and deployment processes.

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SmartSuite runs on the PCI compliant AWS platform, leveraging secure tools and platforms to ensure that all transaction data is protected.

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Security Monitoring

SmartSuite monitors security 24/7 and leverages a variety of detection tools and services to ensure that the platform is safe, secure and always available.

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Strong Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) and SAML-based Single Sign-on (SSO) are supported for Enterprise subscribers.

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SmartSuite adheres to a strict privacy policy and is GDPR-compliant to ensure that your personal data is always protected.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Advanced permissions and roles put you in control of data access, and our secure AWS-based platform makes user experiences seamless while maintaining security. Robust history logging and audit features, coupled with recycle bin soft-delete and login tracking ensure that you always know who modified your environment or data.

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User access controls control system modification and data access rights

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Activity History

Changes to SmartSuite structure and content are logged with user and date

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Recycle Bin

All deleted files and structures (such as fields) can be restored from the recycle bin

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Login History

User logins are stored, including source IP address and times stamp

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Active Sessions

Admins can view active sessions and length, and can terminate sessions

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AWS Enviroment

SmartSuite runs on the AWS cloud platform for the best in security and availability

SmartSuite is powered by the secure AWS platform

AWS Cloud

For your uncompromising security, SmartSuite is hosted by Amazon AWS, which supports more security and compliance certifications than any other Cloud vendor, including: PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2, NIST 800-171 and GDPR.

Learn more about Amazon’s compliance programs.

Advanced permissions ensure the right people have access


Easily restrict access by member and team or use advanced settings to assign Admin, Editor, Contributor or View-Only access to teams or individuals.

Flexible authentication options support your organization's needs



SmartSuite supports secure cloud authentication using Google, Microsoft and Apple accounts to reduce the burden of login for users. Available for Web and mobile (iOS and Android), this option allows for the use of existing accounts to log in to SmartSuite - no need for an additional password.

Secure your account with two-factor authenticaion (2FA)


Professional and Enterprise accounts come with an added layer of security by requiring additional information in addition to a username and password. Users have the option to receive a text message on their mobile device or use a code from an authentication app to complete their login process.

Security Policy

SmartSuite has a formal security policy that is followed across the organization, and all employees, partners and contractors are required to adhere to its standards.

SmartSuite Security Policy