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Kanban View

Kanban View is perfect for visualizing a workflow through the different stages, tracking progress, and assigning tasks in a manner that removes bottlenecks.

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Change the status of design records in Kanban view
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Visualize Your Work And Eliminate Bottlenecks

What is Kanban View
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Keep Workflows

Kanban is a Japanese term and lean method that originated from processes used by Toyota in the 1940s. Aiming to remove bottlenecks, Kanban helps a full team visualize the general workflow, reduce overall work in progress, and focus on a squeaky clean flow of work. Work is pulled when capacity presents itself, keeping everyone happy and engaged. 

Select the field to group by in Kanban View
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Group Cards

Group your columns by any data variable - Status or Stage, Assigned To, or Priority. If you're tracking it, SmartSuite can group it. And it’s a lot easier than moving a bunch of Post-It notes around. 

Use Swimlanes to categorize records
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Create Row

Dive on in, the water’s great! Automatically group cards into process swimlanes (rows) to add an extra dimension to your report. Drag and drop between rows to update values and keep your work flowing. 🏊

Drag Kanban cards to update record status
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Advance Your Workflows
With Drag & Drop

Shifting cards between your overall workflow is a key component of Kanban principles. 

Dragging cards to different columns or swimlanes will automatically update the field values so it's easy to switch items from your Backlog to In Process and beyond.

Customize Kanban display
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One Click to
See the Details

Clicking on any card quickly opens the record to see the details, make adjustments, and then close to jump back to the board.

How Customers Use Kanban View

Explore real-world applications of Kanban View and consider how it can be a powerful tool for your team members.

Streamline software development workflow with Kanban View
Manage workflows with Kanban View
Use Kanban View to get tasks done
Manage job applicant workflows with Kanban View
Manage incident workflows with Kanban View
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Report Toolbar Controls for Kanban View

Advance your workflows with powerful (yet simple) controls.

Select columns and swimlane groupings for Kanban board

Columns / Swimlane Grouping

Group Cards by values, organized by Column and Swimlane (rows).

Select fields to display in a report

Fields to Display

Select just the right combination of fields to bring attention to important data. Customize to each project and process.

Create nested sorts in reports


Sort your data in the way it makes sense for you, whether that's alphabetical, by a numeric value, by date, or something cool completely unique to you.

Apply multiple filters to a report


Filter your data by any other field, returning just the items you're looking for.

Group records by owner and priority in a report


Group your data by the value of other fields, helping you organize and understand complex information easily.

Small, medium and large card sizes

Card Size

Automatically shift between S, M or L card sizes in a click.

Set rules to highlight data in a report


Give special visual attention to important information by creating rules that match and highlight conditions or values you specify.

Expand a Kanban report to view in full screen

Full Screen Kanban

Maximize your SmartSuite real-estate by flipping to full screen mode for any view type.

Print and export all your reports

Print / Export Reports

Print in a couple clicks, or export to PDF, CSV, Excel or Google Sheets.

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More reliable than your wall of sticky notes.

Visualize your workflow across stages - tracking assignments and progress.

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