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Manage your education and kick start your career

Manage Your Education &
Kick Start Your Career

Organize your entire educational path and steps of your early career. From course management to applying to college and jobs, this platform centralizes all you need to be successful in school and beyond. As a young professional, SmartSuite will continue to make your work easier.

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Organize all courses from high school to college

Organize All Courses From High School To College

Unite your courses - past and present- from high school to college. Keep track of your semesters, class schedule, credits, and professors in one integrated place. Manage your class materials, exams, and group projects.

Never miss a deadline with this detailed platform for organizing all assignments, exams, projects, and finals. Prioritize assignments and consolidate course materials.

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Work collaboratively on group projects

Work Collaboratively On Group Projects

Manage your group projects and their materials. Invite members to join SmartSuite and collaboratively work on one solution with your partners.

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Simplify your college application process

Simplify Your College Application Process

Applying to college can be a difficult and detailed process that is hard to organize. Manage the colleges you apply to through deadlines, importance, status, and majors.

Manage your applications platforms, personal statements, and supplementary essays for each university. Work collaboratively with an essay reviewer before submitting your final draft. Stay on top of your ACT and AP exams, letters of rec, scholarships, and college visits.

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Track your opportunities and launch your career

Track Your Opportunities & Launch Your Career

Organize your job and internship list, interviews, and deadlines. Rank your applications by priority, status, role, and interest level. Prepare and develop potential interview questions, and unify all your interview notes.

Create your list of contacts for job opportunities, references, and beyond. Formulate a list of career events you plan on attending to expand your network.

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How SmartSuite Works For Your Teams

Detailed Organization

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College Application Manager

College Application Manager

High school students can manage their college application and admission process through one integrated solution.

College Application Manager
Student Course Organizer

Student Course Organizer

College students can organize their course materials, assignments, group projects, and exam deadlines.

Student Course Organizer
Student Job / Internship Search

Student Job / Internship Search

College students and early professionals can develop their network and manage internships, job applications, and interviews.

Student Job / Internship Search

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