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Boost Sales Growth: Mastering SmartSuite's Dashboard - Essential Guide

Boost Sales Growth: Mastering SmartSuite's Dashboard - Essential Guide

10 minutes

February 23, 2024

As productivity aficionados, it's no secret that efficient organization can make or break high-level decision-making. What if you had all the necessary intel snugly placed at your fingertips, waiting eagerly to be analyzed? This is where SmartSuite emerges as your ally in the quest for efficiency and optimized performance.

Whether you're a SmartSuite pro or new to the no-code revolution, you'll find value in honing your automation skills. Stick around, as I offer a glimpse into the free automation training that I conduct. It's designed to unravel the ties of automation across various platforms - be it SmartSuite, Make, or Zapier. The beauty lies in the universal rules of no-code automation, and I'm thrilled to impart these secrets to elevate your productivity.

Diving Into Dashboard Creation

Let's kick things off with a SmartSuite template. It serves as the building block for our session, offering a hands-on approach that you can follow in real-time. If you've got your SmartSuite account at the ready, hover over to the template gallery and let's spotlight some sales data.

Exploring the Odyssey of Deals and Data

Within SmartSuite, examining data is akin to scrutinizing a treasure map. It's all about connecting the dots - or in our case, connecting salespeople to deals, accounts to salesfolk, and regions to accounts. Our main actor for today is the 'Deals' table - a goldmine of active deals by close probability and deals in progress.

DATA-SLAY: Crafting the Column Chart

After plugging in a healthy dose of data, it's time to assemble our very own dashboard. Imagine it as a command center, tailored to serve your strategic insights. The heartbeat of this dashboard will be our widgets - and we'll focus on two star performers: charts and comparison metrics.

Charts, in all their glory, offer a visual symphony of data over time. With a column chart, we seek to unravel the total closed sales, broken down by our valiant sales representatives.

Armed with this chart, we effortlessly sift through the yearly performances of our sales gurus. Want to pit 2022 against 2023? Just apply the appropriate filters to the chart and behold - the data dances to your tune, revealing insights with each passing year.

But the magic doesn't end here. SmartSuite charts not only flaunt your impressive numbers but allow you to dive deeper into the origins of these figures. A simple click unfurls the records that compose each figure, laying bare the individual deals that each sales maven has championed.

Percentage: The Comparison Metric Widget

As we progress, let's not forget the potency of comparison metrics. Suppose we're itching to decode our year-over-year growth. In that case, the comparison metric widget steps into the limelight, striking a pose alongside our growth narrative.

With this handy tool, you'll swiftly ascertain the percentage jumping from one year to the next, culminating in a round of applause for your astronomical growth!

Perfecting the Dashboard Panorama

It's about sculpting the dashboard into a masterpiece. And while at present, SmartSuite may not allow dashboard-wide filters, our thirst for improvement is unquenchable. Together, we advocate for enhancements - envisioning filters that could slice through data based on select sales representatives or specific quarters.

In the meantime, let's inflate our sales dashboard with annotations and visual aids - bolstering its stature as the epitome of data command centers.

Wrapping Up the Data Fiesta

With your newly minted dashboard ready, it's time to bask in the glow of organized, actionable information. A staggering 46% growth from 2022 to 2023 isn't just a number - it's a triumph.

We may have breezed through a lot, but rest assured, any lingering questions can be untangled in the comment section below. Keep building, stay curious, and let the wizardry of SmartSuite transform your productivity landscape.

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