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15 New Features in SmartSuite to Power Your Next Project

15 New Features in SmartSuite to Power Your Next Project

10 minutes

April 2, 2024

Smarter Automations for Efficiency

One of the standout additions is the "find records" action's capability to pinpoint a single record accurately. Frequently, you're faced with the need to assign tasks or leads quickly—let's say a new contact is added, for instance, and you’re on the hunt for the right sales representative. The upgraded feature allows you to toggle between fetching multiple records or a single record, providing the precise output you need for subsequent automation steps.

Imagine a scenario where a new lead emerges. Your objective? Match them with the appropriate sales rep. You can now effortlessly sift through records based on specific criteria. Later, when updating contact information, you have the flexibility to seamlessly modify fields, such as "assign to," based on the detected sales rep's data—a significant stride forward in dynamic update capabilities.

Clearing and Appending: A Tailored Touch

Further enhancing the adaptability within SmartSuite are new options to clear or append data in fields, especially beneficial for managing linked records. Instead of the sole default action to replace values, now you have free rein to clear a value to reset a field or competently append additional linked records to an existing list. This simplification is a welcome change from previous workarounds that involved complex concatenations.

The Art of Incrementing: Lead Distribution Redefined

Lead distribution methods like round-robin now have increased precision thanks to direct math operations within update actions. Previously constrained to overwriting existing values, you can now implement mathematical amendments such as incrementing counters. This advancement is illustrated when assigning leads and desiring to boost a sales rep's lead count; an automation can seamlessly add to their current total, carrying out arithmetic directly rather than depending on external calculations.

Merging Records Made Easy

Another notable automation feature is the ability to merge records. This function is incredibly useful in preventing duplicate entries that can clutter your database. It also represents an upfront approach to data cleanliness that can save significant time and energy.

User Experience Enhancements for Tables and Views

To alleviate visual clutter, SmartSuite now offers the choice to hide tables from view, particularly handy for junction tables that serve merely as connectors and aren’t regularly accessed. A streamlined interface awaits as you effortlessly manage table visibility.

Adding context to views has also been improved. You're now empowered to elaborate on a view with a description that can serve either as visible text or a hover-over tooltip, enriching user guidance and understanding.

Record Details and Visual Appeal

Customization in record display now extends to descriptions for sections and, more visually, includes cover images. Implementing company logos or other significant imagery alongside records not only enhances the interface but significantly personalizes the experience.

Furthermore, for those extra, sometimes hidden fields that serve crucial behind-the-scenes roles, SmartSuite now allows you to completely conceal them, fostering an uncluttered and focused interface for users.

Formula Functions: A Leap Forward

The formula functions within SmartSuite have received significant enhancements, offering you unprecedented control and data manipulation capabilities:

  • Related Records Sorting: SmartSuite simplifies the process of identifying the most recent or highest value entries within connected tables.
  • Top-N Records: By combining sorting with the powerful 'top' function, you ensure only the most relevant records surface, whether basing it on recency or other criteria.
  • Get List Function: This opens a new realm of data querying possibilities, drawing parallels with sophisticated database queries and inching closer to aggregation across unrelated records to generate comprehensive KPI insights.
  • Time Tracking Precision: With access to granular components of the time tracking log, the use cases for SmartSuite broaden significantly, enabling detailed reporting and strategic planning based on logged time.

Field Functionality: A Nod to Nuance

With the latest updates, SmartSuite ensures that linked relationships and nested fields are more manageable and editable than ever. Address fields can now be edited piecemeal, and this granularity extends to lookup fields that reference precise subfields—infinitely handy when information needs to be as precise as geolocation.

Another leap is editing dependency predecessors and successors directly, akin to linked records, thereby streamlining task sequencing and project planning.

SmartDocs and Cross-Collaboration

For those harnessing SmartDocs for team meetings and notes, the export-to-PDF feature stands out. It not only allows for immaculate documentation but also simplifies sharing and disseminating information.

It’s clear that with SmartSuite's relentless additions to its features, streamlining your projects has never been more within reach.

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