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Authentic Leadership for Everyday People: Rethinking the MVP

Authentic Leadership for Everyday People: Rethinking the MVP

50 minutes

September 21, 2022

In episode 47 of Authentic Leadership for Everyday People, Jon Darbyshire, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSuite, discusses his approach to building a successful work management platform.

Traditionally, startup wisdom has been to build fast, launch as soon as possible, and iterate based on feedback and failure. However, Jon realized that this approach would not work for SmartSuite, a SaaS company that needed to be reliable and scalable from the start.

In the podcast, Jon explains how he used a disciplined approach in sales to build his first successful startup, Archer Integrated Risk Management, and how his experience as a consultant at EY and Price Waterhouse helped him become a more effective founder. He also delves into the importance of customer feedback, even before launching a product.

Throughout the conversation, Jon also emphasizes the importance of company culture in driving productivity and efficiency. He explains how SmartSuite's focus on culture has allowed the company to grow to its full potential, helping agents make their businesses more efficient through business automation.

Listeners can gain valuable insights from Jon's experience and unique approach to launching a successful MVP.

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