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Authentic Leadership for Everyday People: Rethinking the MVP

Authentic Leadership for Everyday People: Rethinking the MVP

50 minutes

September 21, 2022


For the past 10 years, conventional startup wisdom has been build fast, launch as soon as you can, fail, learn and relaunch.

When Jon Darbyshire started building SmartSuite, he quickly realize that an MVP approach would not have worked for his SaaS company.

In this podcast, Jon explains why he chose a different path and what start up founders should consider when thinking about launching an MVP.
In the episode he also discussed:

• How he used a very disciplined approach in sales to build Archer Integrated Risk Management - his first successful start-up which he sold to EMC
• How having a full career in consulting and being a partner at EY helped him become a more effective founder
• The 2 most common leadership styles that startup CEOs adopt and why he chose his style
• How to get customer feedback even before you launch

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