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Scale Your SaaS: Your New Growth Mantra: Follow the Customer

Scale Your SaaS: Your New Growth Mantra: Follow the Customer

7 minutes

August 22, 2023

Welcome to the realm of Jon Darbyshire, the Co-Founder and CEO of SmartSuite. SmartSuite stands as a remarkable platform that harmonizes business processes and streamlines workflow automation. In a riveting conversation, Jon unearthed the secrets behind their meteoric growth, all encapsulated in his potent mantra: "Follow the Customer."

Jon's Journey: Deciphering Market Desires with Precision

Jon takes us on an immersive journey through his meticulous process of decoding the precise cravings of the market and what truly resonates with it. He generously shares insights into the art of crafting products that elicit adoration from customers and the fine art of effective marketing. Joining us in this stimulating discussion is none other than Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Matt Wolach.

Top Tips From This Episode

  1. Follow the Customer: Gain a profound understanding of customer needs through active engagement.
  2. Leverage AI for Content Creation: Harness the power of AI to supercharge efficiency and productivity.
  3. Utilize AI for Data Analytics: Transform data into actionable insights through the intelligent use of AI.

Episode Highlights

  • Influencer Partnerships: Discover the art of leveraging industry experts to enhance your brand's reach and impact.
  • User Interface for Millennials and Gen Z: Explore how to cater to the digital natives' needs through intuitive user interfaces.

Top Quotes

Jon Darbyshire

  • [07:34] "People can sense in the first 30 to 60 seconds what the product does."
  • [21:10] "Follow the customer. Understand that customers can help you, as an entrepreneur, know exactly what to build and why."

Matt Wolach

  • [10:59] "The fact that you looked at who were the actual end users, you talked to them, you sat down, you saw the interaction that they had with the product, I think that's so smart."
  • [12:33] "I recommend recording your demos; you can go back and see how the interaction went. Especially if things don't go well, you can go back and find out what you said that maybe lost them."

Join us in this illuminating episode as we unravel the secrets of Jon Darbyshire's journey in the software landscape, where decision-making transforms into an art guided by customer-centric wisdom. Explore how SmartSuite's innovative path is shaping the future of business automation. Tune in to Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach for a riveting dose of insights and inspiration.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.