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 Smarter Software Outsourcing: Cultivating Remote-first Collaboration Across Distributed Teams

Smarter Software Outsourcing: Cultivating Remote-first Collaboration Across Distributed Teams

9 minutes

July 25, 2023

Exploring Unconventional Outsourcing: The SmartSuite Journey

Join us as Jon Darbyshire takes us on a journey through the unconventional path that SmartSuite took in its software outsourcing endeavors. In a world where MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) often reign supreme, SmartSuite embraced a comprehensive product from the very start. Dive into the insights Jon shares on how this approach shaped their go-to-market strategy and fueled the company's remarkable growth trajectory.

Confidence in Vision: Skipping MVPs for Comprehensive Solutions

One might wonder about the confidence required to bypass the MVP phase and opt for a fully developed solution. Jon provides invaluable insights into how SmartSuite's belief in the potential of their product propelled them to create a comprehensive offering right from the beginning. Discover how this confidence not only shaped their product but also influenced their interactions with clients and partners.

Remote Collaboration and Competitive Edge

A highlight of SmartSuite's journey is its unique collaboration model. Jon elaborates on partnering with six providers to establish a diverse and remote development team. Learn how this innovative approach has shaped SmartSuite's competitive edge and how they manage daily collaboration across distributed teams. Explore the benefits and challenges of this approach, offering a fresh perspective on effective remote work strategies.

Lessons from Diverse Investments

Jon's journey has been enriched by investments in various companies. He shares how these experiences have influenced his perspective on running SmartSuite and how he's translated these lessons into a robust and innovative business strategy. Gain insights into the pivotal role these investments have played in shaping SmartSuite's journey and vision.

Unifying Culture and Interconnected Collaboration

SmartSuite isn't just about software—it's about fostering a strong culture and intergenerational collaboration. Jon delves into the thought process that drives SmartSuite's approach to building a unified interface and user experience that encapsulates the diverse cultures of their clients. Discover how this approach contributes to SmartSuite's core values and innovative ethos.

Equity-Based Business Model: A Glimpse into the Future

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Jon discusses SmartSuite's equity-based business model. Offering equity to vendors is a unique approach, and Jon reveals the motivations behind this decision and why he believes it represents the future for startups. Gain insights into the benefits of this model and its potential to reshape the startup landscape.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration and the Future of Work

With SmartSuite's collaboration extending across diverse cultures and countries, Jon sheds light on the challenges and successes of working with six different providers from around the world. In an era where remote work dynamics are evolving, his perspective on fostering collaboration across borders is both enlightening and forward-thinking.

Balancing Remote Work and Company Culture

The conversation culminates in a discussion about the evolving landscape of remote work. Jon offers his perspective on the trend of bringing teams back to the office for enhanced cohesion, collaboration, and company culture. Explore the nuances of this trend and its implications for the future of work.

Don't miss out on this insightful episode as Jon Darbyshire takes us through the unique journey of SmartSuite, offering a wealth of knowledge and perspectives on innovative outsourcing, collaboration, and the future of work. Tune in to gain valuable insights that can shape your approach to business process management and beyond.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.