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How To Organize College Applications For A Fraction Of The Cost

How To Organize College Applications For A Fraction Of The Cost

January 25, 2022


How To Organize College Applications For A Fraction Of The Cost

There marks a time in high school, for some earlier than others, when you begin to think about your future. The next educational step seems overwhelming to think about and hard to reach. Today’s society promotes that only expensive outside help will get you into the school of your dreams. However, the college application process does not take a professional to organize.

In fact, for $10 a month, you can manage your path in the same way an expensive counselor would. The college application and admission process has many variables that are detailed and hard to keep track of.

SmartSuite provides simple and visual organization of this complex and stressful process.

How are you keeping track of this process so far?

Do you have a written list of college interests sitting around with all the important information buried somewhere on each university’s website?

Developed by college students, SmartSuite’s College Applications Manager template was designed as the resource college students wish they used when they were applying to college.  

You can manage every step of the college application and admission process yourself, customizing it to your own unique needs.

Keep track of all your application deadlines and details in one integrated platform.

Use specific fields to indicate priority, status, due dates, and decision type for each college.

Having trouble organizing what each university requires?

Link every application and requirements to a college.

Record essay requirements for each application and track your essay progress.

You can even invite your own reviewer to make edits or comments to your work.

Are you looking for financial aid or scholarships? When is your next ACT exam? Have you thought about who to ask for a letter of recommendation?

This template also highlights more detailed aspects of the process including scholarship tracking, ACT and AP tests, Letters of Rec, and login information.

You will discover how SmartSuite’s platform continues to be a great resource for your life as a college student, whether it is managing courses or applying to internships or jobs.

SmartSuite’s customizable and affordable platform is here to make the next step into your future easier to reach.

Make applying to college easier and more affordable today. Click here to learn more!

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