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Day 4: Understanding the No-Code / Low-Code Product Landscape (Part 1 of 3)

Day 4: Understanding the No-Code / Low-Code Product Landscape (Part 1 of 3)

10 minutes

July 28, 2023

Welcome to the first in a series of three articles aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the No-Code and Low-Code (NCLC) landscape. We're doing something a little different in this series: in the spirit of the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", we've created visual diagrams to illustrate the vast array of NCLC solutions available. Each article in this series will be supported by one of these diagrams to help you quickly digest the information.

But that's not all. To accompany these visuals, we've also created a detailed product list - the No-Code / Low-Code Product Landscape Listing. You can access it here. This living document showcases a vast array of products in each category. And we're excited to share that you, our readers, can contribute to this list. If there's a product you believe should be added, we've created a form for you to suggest an addition. Please find it here.

This article explores key product categories of business process automation products, web application builders, mobile application builders, automation/integration connectors, forms and survey tools, data visualization tools smart spreadsheets, website builders and front-end portal products.  Each tool is a critical component of the larger NCLC ecosystem that we're outlining.

In the next article, we will shift our focus toward areas such as Social Media, Payments, Chatbots, Voice, Learning, Podcasts, and Newsletters. The grand finale, the third article of this series, will specifically address AI tools in the NCLC domain.

We hope this visual and descriptive journey will provide you with a clear understanding of the breadth and depth of the NCLC landscape.

Stay with us as we journey through this transformative landscape and illuminate the vast categories of solutions that are shaping the future of business operations and technology. Enjoy the first article, contribute to the product listing, and look forward to the next in the series!

Business Process Automation Products

The products in this category are considered Business Process Automation (BPA) tools that enable businesses to automate any business workflow.  The newer entries into this category like SmartSuite and Airtable provide this capability using a No-Code approach and the older products like OutSystems and ServiceNow take a Low-Code approach that requires more technical knowledge.

Products in this category include SmartSuite, Airtable, Kissflow, Mendix, Outsystems, ServiceNow and others.

Web Application Builders

Web application builders are at the forefront of the NCLC revolution, providing a platform for users without technical expertise to design and develop custom web applications. These platforms simplify the creation process with drag-and-drop interfaces, allowing for rapid testing and deployment. Note that some of the products in this category also support mobile applications.

Products in this category include AppSheet, Betty Blocks, Bubble, WeWeb and others.

Mobile Application Builders

Mobile application builders, another critical component of the NCLC realm, offer similar functionalities as their web counterparts but focus on the creation of mobile apps. They enable businesses to respond quickly to the increasing demand for mobile solutions.

Products in this category include Adalo, FlutterFlow, Glide and others.

Automation / Integration Connectors

The tools in this category integrate with thousands of vendor products and serve as connectors or "digital bridges" that enable products to share and sync data, negating the need to write custom code or use specific product APIs.

Products in this category include Make, Zapier,, Bardeen, Ply, Tray, Workato and others.

Front End Portal Builders

Portal builders help in creating custom interfaces, improving user engagement by providing a single access point to relevant information for customers, employees, or partners.  Most of the products in this category allow you to dynamically sync data from products like SmartSuite, Airtable and Google Sheets.

Products in this category include EasyPortal, Softr, Pory, Stacker, Noloco and others.

Website Builders

These tools employ intuitive interfaces and templates, simplifying the process of constructing professional and visually appealing websites and landing pages. While they are designed to work without writing any code, many of these products also offer the flexibility to incorporate custom code, providing an extra degree of customization when needed.

Products in this category include Webflow, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress and others.

Forms and Survey Tools

These tools allow businesses to quickly create interactive forms and surveys for data collection, enriching market research and customer insights. Note that many of the products in the BPA category provide this feature set as a native capability.

Products in this category include Fillout, Typeform, JotForm, FormStack and others.

Data Visualization Tools

Rather than traditional business intelligence tools, the NCLC landscape offers data visualization tools that enable comprehensive data analysis. These tools aid in interpreting data, identifying trends, and driving data-informed decision-making through visualizations and reporting. Note that many of the products in the BPA category provide this feature set as a native capability.

Products in this category include Power BI, PowerApps and others.

Smart Spreadsheets

Smart Spreadsheets go beyond traditional spreadsheet functionalities by adding the ability to pull in live data, build interactive dashboards, and automate workflows. These enhanced features turn them into versatile tools that can serve as project management platforms, data analytics tools, and collaborative workspaces, all while maintaining the familiar grid-like interface of traditional spreadsheets. 

Products in this category include Smartsheet, Rows, Google Sheets, Excel and others


As we wrap up the first article in our comprehensive three-part series exploring the No-Code and Low-Code landscape, we've highlighted a range of pivotal categories. From Business Process Automation to Smart Spreadsheets, these NCLC tools are reshaping how businesses operate, fostering a digital transformation that prioritizes accessibility, efficiency, and adaptability.

This visual journey and corresponding product list are meant to serve as your roadmaps, highlighting the vast array of tools that comprise the NCLC ecosystem. Remember, this living list is open for your contributions, ensuring it remains a comprehensive and community-driven resource.

In our upcoming articles, we will shift our lens toward other crucial areas of the NCLC spectrum, including Social Media, Payments, Chatbots, Voice, Learning, Podcasts, and Newsletters. The grand finale will delve into the AI domain of the NCLC world, shedding light on how artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly crucial role in the field.

Thank you for joining us in this segment of our 30-day journey. I encourage you to explore the product landscape, contribute your insights, and stay tuned as we continue to unfold the intricate layers of the No-Code and Low-Code landscape.