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How to Streamline Your Agency's Client Work Requests Using SmartSuite Forms

How to Streamline Your Agency's Client Work Requests Using SmartSuite Forms

10 minutes

March 15, 2023

Hey there! Are you ready to revolutionize the way you collect information from both inside and outside your agency? Well, buckle up because I'm about to take you on a journey to explore the magic of SmartSuite forms. These nifty little tools can transform how you handle data by creating organized records right in your SmartSuite account, giving you a tidy and efficient view of all your precious info.

Why Choose SmartSuite Forms?

Consider this: with SmartSuite forms, not only do you get to wrap your head around what they entail, but you also seize the key features and insider tips to make your forms top-notch professional. Not on the SmartSuite bandwagon yet? No sweat – jump on board by signing up through our affiliate link below, and a big shout-out to SmartSuite for sponsoring this handy-dandy walkthrough.

Now let's dive in!

Inside the World of Agency Marketing with SmartSuite

We're kicking things off inside the 'Agency Marketing Showcase' template in SmartSuite – a place with a lot of charm and no extra charge. Search for 'agency' within the templates, and you'll come face-to-face with a friendly mug inviting you to hit 'use template.'

Got a form of your own already? Cool, skip ahead. If not, follow me to the 'Work Request' app, our star for the tutorial.

Creating and Customizing Your Ultimate Form

Starting From Scratch

To piece together a new form, simply add one within any app and relish in the delight of making it your own. Let's name our newborn form, and then decide who gets to see it. For the sake of simplicity, let's stick with 'Public' unless your specific case says otherwise.

The Makeover Phase

Our default form is... well... a blank slate. But that's about to change! It's time to slap on some branding, craft a catchy title, and write an inviting description that sets the tone. Remember, the form title and internal name can be different – catering to external and internal viewers respectively.

Filling It Up with Fields

The heart of any form is its fields. They're like the questions at a press conference – all lined up, waiting for the juicy info to drop in. Request titles, company names, priority levels – drag and drop what matters most. And hey, don't forget to make the absolutely necessary fields required. Pro tip: phrase the fields as questions to be super clear.

Submit Button – Because 'Submit' is Just Too Mainstream

The submit button may be the last mile, but it can be a fun one. Cap off your form with a button that echoes your brand's voice. Maybe it's 'Hit the easy button' or 'Let's get this party started'. Just avoid the default 'Submit' like it's the last piece of gum in the pack.

After Submission – What’s Next?

In the settings, hash out what happens post-submission. Stick with a friendly message, or redirect them to a page you've built for a full-fledged post-request shindig.

Sharing Is Caring: Distribute Your Form with a Magic Link

Voilà! With a little sharing setup, you'll have a link to send forth into the world – like digital pigeons carrying messages to your clients' inboxes.

Test Drive Your Form – It's a Preview Party!

Tap on 'Preview in a new tab' and take your form for a spin. Fill it in, hit the creatively-named submit button, and watch as the confirmation message lights up the screen.

Supercharge Your Forms: A Dive into Internal Use

For those looking to tie client data directly into their forms, roll out a red carpet for the 'Client Linked Record Field'. It's a dropdown of existing clients, and it's smart – but use it wisely to protect client privacy.

Internally, you could beef up your forms with signature fields and attachments, because when it's your team, the more info, the better.

Wrapping Up: Your Gateway to Hassle-Free Client Requests

And that's a wrap on our beginner's guide to SmartSuite forms for client work requests. Whether you're looking to keep it simple or go the extra mile, remember, your form is the gateway to seamless data collection.

I hope this tutorial has lit the way for your form-creation adventures. Drop your thoughts or any tongue twisters (for me to hilariously mess up) in the comments.

Here's to making form-filling less of a chore and more of a breeze. Until next time, enjoy the process, and happy form-making!