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API Updates

API Updates

5 minutes

November 18, 2022

Hello SmartSuite Community,

For those of you who I haven’t met, my name is Peter, SmartSuite Co-Founder and CTO. I wanted to give you an update on several updates to our public API and our near-term roadmap. 

First, let me start with a bit of context for those of you who are not familiar with the capabilities of SmartSuite’s REST API. We built our API with the intention of enabling customer, partners and third-party services to seamlessly integrate and interact with any of SmartSuite’s data, functions and internal structures. A high level summary of what you can do through the API:

  • Read, write, update and delete records with support for all 46 SmartSuite field types
  • Paginate, sort and filter record results
  • Bulk create, update or delete records
  • Add or retrieve rich text comments and replies that are attached to records
  • Create new Solutions, Apps and fields
  • Duplicate Solutions and Apps
  • List deleted Apps, fields and records (and restore them too!)
  • List, add or update SmartSuite Members and Teams

Our team is excited to announce that we have added features that make our API even more secure for users of all types, from individuals through large enterprises. Along with these enhancements are updates that enable interaction with comments, further improvements to our existing metadata API, and updates to our integrated API documentation along with several in-depth help articles that describe advanced features of the API.

API Authentication: OAuth Support

We’ve added OAuth 2 support to our public API, allowing developers to register an integration to build integrations with secure authentication for their end users. Contact us at to request an OAuth registration.

API endpoints: Comments

We have enhanced our comments endpoint, supporting html comment input as well as the ability to add replies to comments via the API.

API record endpoints: Hydrate function

Our record endpoints have been enhanced to support a “hydrated” flag. When requested with this new property, single record and multiple-record endpoints will return reference values (such as linked records and Member names) that contain human-readable labels.

API documentation

Several new help articles have been published to our help site, including documentation of the metadata endpoints, instructions on how to use the hydrated flag, how to paginate request results and much more. See a list of API-related articles here.

This list is just the beginning, as we have plans to continue adding new features based on your requests and feedback. One item on the near-term roadmap is the addition of personal access tokens to further increase security and the granularity of security grants for API access. Be sure to take a look through our roadmap at to vote for your favorite features or add your own requests to the list.

As always, we value your feedback and ask you to reach out to the SmartSuite team with any questions.

Peter, on behalf of the SmartSuite Product Team