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Is SmartSuite the Best Work Management Software for your business? (3 Features to Help You Decide)

Is SmartSuite the Best Work Management Software for your business? (3 Features to Help You Decide)

10 minutes

November 10, 2022

Have you ever felt like finding the perfect work management platform is like searching for a needle in a digital haystack? With a plethora of tools out there, each boasting similar bells and whistles, it's easy to get lost at sea without a navigational chart. Well, consider this your compass!

A Guiding Star in the Digital Sky

As someone who has partnered with over 1,200 businesses on their journey to effective management platforms, I've uncovered a little trick. It's like a secret sauce for discerning which platform caters best to your unique business cuisine. And let me spill the beans—there's no universally "best tool." There's just the best tool for you at this specific crossroads of your business voyage. The trick is to zone in on a software's priorities and use them as your North Star in decision-making.

Today, I'm diving into the standout features of Smartsuite. I'll unravel the top three aspects that could make it the ace up your sleeve — if they resonate with what your crew values most on the deck of your ship.

Feature 1: Mastering Permissions and Control

When starting with Smartsuite, their mighty focus on permissions and control captivated me. It may not be the glamorous headliner of features, but it sure is a cornerstone for companies craving firm command over their data and processes.

This isn't just about keeping the inadvertent edits at bay. It's about outfitting your management platform with the same rigor and precision you'd expect from, say, an ERP system, tailored to fit into the realm of everyday businesses. With Smartsuite, every tier of the tool, from solutions down to the finest grain of the app level, boasts an opportunity for permission control. And soon, they'll even add field-level permissions into the mix.

Here's a little extra candy: built-in documentation tools. Within each field, you're endowed with the power to sprinkle help text, default values, and a clear-cut direction for usage. It's like having a built-in instruction manual at every turn, fortifying that nothing falls through the cracks as your team scales the heights.

Feature 2: Interface Customization Meets Organization

Smartsuite is a chameleon, taking on the color of your data, adapting to your way of thinking and organizing. For those of you caught between the world of databases and task managers, it's like it was concocted in a cauldron just for you.

You can morph fields to mirror the nuances of your data, renaming record titles on a whim—say, from 'Goal' to 'Milestone'—with zero fuss. Moreover, the collapsible sections and layout changes within records mean you're the architect of your platform's interface.

The Difference a Name Makes

Why bother with custom labels? Because when your tools speak your language, there's a seismic shift in usability. It's friendlier, less intimidating, and slashes the learning curve. If you harbor team members who are less tech-savvy, this is your gateway to a smoother transition.

Feature 3: Elevating Integrations and Automation

SmartSuite seems to have looked at the integration game and decided to run a full marathon while others are warming up for a sprint. Not content to only automate processes internally, Smartsuite is stretching its tentacles out to the tools you already know and love, like HubSpot and Calendly.

And there's more. Here's something to stir the pot:

Scheduled time can be a trigger for automations in SmartSuite.

This varies from basic task creation to elaborate choreographies of events orchestrated by the clock's tick—a rare dish in the realm of newcomers to the work management table.

A Nod to SmartSuite for their Sponsorship

Before we pull up the anchor, here's something worth mentioning: this content is sponsored by Smartsuite. Yet, the thoughts and insights? Sprung from my seasoned journey across the digital seas of work management platforms.

Are you intrigued? Fancy a test voyage with Smartsuite? Drop anchor [here] (affiliate link) and explore their features sans credit card. Or, if you’re craving more insights, scribble down 'Part Two' in the comments, directing our compass to the next leg of this excursion.

Sail on, wayfarer, and relish the journey towards your ideal work management constellation. 🛠️⚙️🌟

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