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Unlocking Dashboard Mastery | Integrate Data Across SmartSuite Solutions

Unlocking Dashboard Mastery | Integrate Data Across SmartSuite Solutions

November 3, 2023

Hey, everyone! If you're eager to elevate your data visualization game, you've clicked on the right blog. In the latest installment of our Smart Tips series, I’m thrilled to share how you can create supercharged dashboards that compile data from multiple solutions within SmartSuite. Ready to take a deep dive and make your data work for you? Let’s roll!

The Heart of SmartSuite Dashboards

Dashboards in SmartSuite aren't just fancy screens; they are the command centers from where you can oversee your data realm. And guess what? You have the power to name these dashboards as you please and conjure as many as you need. Imagine having a magic mirror for every aspect of your work – that’s what these dashboards are like.

Widgets – The Building Blocks

Enter the world of widgets. These nifty units are the cornerstone of every SmartSuite dashboard. Here’s the scoop: a widget can be anything you want it to be. Need a chart? A table? A comparison metric? You got it!

Customizing these widgets is a breeze. Dive into the settings, and you'll find options galore to determine what type of chart or metric you’d like to display. Fancy a bar graph? Or perhaps a pie chart is more your style. The choice is yours.

Data Decisions: Your Solutions, Your Way

Now, we get to the exciting part: populating these widgets with your data. You have the freedom to pick solutions and apps within Smartsuite to pull from, filtering down to the data that matters most to you.

Setting Up Filters and Groupings:

  • Decide on the values that are most important to your dashboard.
  • Apply filters to zoom in on specific data points.
  • Use groupings to categorize data for easier analysis.
Chart Total 101

Oh, and let's not forget chart totals. Want to have a quick summary of your finances or to track the collective progress of your projects? You're just a few clicks away from setting those up in your widget.

Adding New Widgets

Feel like your dashboard needs a new perspective? Why not add a comparison metric widget? Need to track how this quarter’s sales fared against the last? Just drop that widget onto your dashboard and watch it work its magic.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

All right, brace yourself for the game changer: unlike the old days of setting up a dashboard per table, you can now create one master dashboard that consolidates data from multiple solutions and tables across your entire workspace. Imagine, having all your data streams flowing into one visually stunning dashboard.

What's more, you can mix and match widgets to your heart's content. One widget can pull data from a sales table, while the one next to it can display marketing metrics. The possibilities are as varied as they are vibrant.

It's All About You

So, whether you’re a data analyst looking to simplify your reporting or a project manager needing a birds-eye view of your tasks, our dashboards are designed with your needs in mind.

We're all about making life easier for you, so if there’s a topic you’re curious about or a Smart Tip you need, reach out. We’re here to help.

Embracing the Dashboard Culture

To wrap it up, each widget is your own personal data storyteller, whispering truths about your projects and processes. By now, you should be itching to start experimenting with SmartSuite’s dashboard capabilities. Go ahead, name your dashboard, populate it with widgets, and let your data tell its story.

Haven’t tried SmartSuite yet? No worries! Hop over to their website and check out how their dashboards can revolutionize your data management. With SmartSuite, you’re not just organizing information; you’re creating a data narrative that drives your business forward.

Stay Smart, Stay Tuned!

We've only scratched the surface of the spectacular world of SmartSuite dashboards. There's so much more to explore and utilize. But hey, don't let the learning stop here. Join us next time for another round of smart tips and tricks – because when you’re smarter, everything works better.

Be sure to toss in your two cents – let us know what Smart Tips you’d love to see next week. Here’s your chance to make your Smart Tips dreams come true. Stay tuned, stay smart!

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