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What's New in SmartSuite: April 2024

What's New in SmartSuite: April 2024

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April 24, 2024

At SmartSuite, we are dedicated to innovation that better equips and empowers our customers. Read on to see all the powerful features our product and engineering teams have been diligently working on as well as the upcoming events we have in store!

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Product Updates

Record View: Conditional Display of Sections

The edit record interface has been enhanced to allow you to conditionally hide or show sections and their fields. The record’s layout can adapt to certain workflows, showing sections only when they are needed.

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Record View: Show / Hide Fields

You can now hide fields on the edit record page to keep your interface clean and organized. Hide supporting calculations or other information that users don’t need to interact to create a streamlined user experience while retaining all of the information and functionality of the hidden fields.

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Page Settings: Manage Sections and Fields

With the introduction of conditional sections you may now have fields or sections that are not visible on the edit interface. We’ve enhanced the page settings capabilities to provide a convenient way to manage andedit field / section properties even when they aren’t currently visible.

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Automations: Calculate to Update Record Action

A new set of basic math operations is available for numeric fields in the Update Records action. You may choose between using a Static value, a manual input, or a Dynamic value derived from another field.

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Automation: Allow a choice to Fail / Continue in Find

The find records action has been enhanced to support the option to continue or fail (stop processing the automation) if no records are found. Selecting "fail" does not generate an error (or an email notification) - it simply stops the automation from continuing to the next action.

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Automations: Delete Record Action

You have a powerful new tool to use in your automations: the Delete Records action. Now you can delete records when specified conditions match, or find a list of records with the Find Action and delete in bulk.

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Automations: Dynamic Slack Channel Support

The Slack automations action now supports dynamically selecting the target channel or user by referencing the value of a field in the record.

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Views: Folder Permissions

View folders have been enhanced with a visibility setting. Now - in addition to grouping views in folders - you can determine which Member, Team or even users with particular roles can see a folder and the Views it contains.

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Forms: Ability to Remove "Powered by SmartSuite" Footer

You can now hide SmartSuite branding on your shared Form Views.On the settings tab, uncheck the Display SmartSuite branding checkbox and the footer will be hidden (along with the header!) for seamless integration with your site.

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Power Search: Comments

Power Search has been enhanced to index all record comments as well as their content. Now you can easily locate a record by keyword match to any text included in its comments.

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Records: Communication Shown in Activity History

Record activity history has been updated to record email activities from the communications center. You'll now see emails sent and received, the sender, subject line, the time and date as well as the content of the email reflected in the containing record's history.

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What's Coming Soon

  • Dashboard Shared View
  • Communication Center - Send email from Outlook or Gmail accounts
  • Document Designer: Improved image and Linked Record handling
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Automation Actions: Add Comments

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Upcoming Live Events & Trainings

Live SmartSuite Monthly Training Classes & Free Certification Opportunity | May 30

This 3-part training includes:

  • Comprehensive overview of SmartSuite as a platform, along with key functionality training tailored for end users.
  • Deep dive into SmartSuite, gaining insights into its building blocks and discovering how to implement effective solutions for your teams.
  • Our Recommended Certification session, featuring a live, free certification exam test to earn a SmartSuite Certification of your choice

If you are interested in attending our live training, you can access the registration request form here.

Bi-Weekly: Getting Started with SmartSuite Workshop | Upcoming dates: May 7th, 21st @ 8:00am PT

This interactive workshop offers hands-on learning opportunities to grasp the platform's fundamentals. From navigating the interface to exploring our key features, our step-by-step guidance ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding as you get started.

Register here

The Future of Student Administration:  How to Organize and Automate for Greater Compliance | May 8th @ 8:00 am PT

Explore a SmartSuite solution for managing student compliance in healthcare education. Learn how to streamline documentation, communication, and oversight processes using innovative features.

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