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SmartSuite Solution Standards for 2024

SmartSuite Solution Standards for 2024

5 minutes

March 25, 2024

In our latest SmartSuite Showcase episode, hosted by Nate Montgomery, we explore the essential documentation standards for crafting new solutions tailored to your team's needs. Departing from our usual use case examples, this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into setting up solutions effectively, incorporating best practices gleaned from engaged customers. From naming conventions to configuring views, this video offers a thorough walkthrough to ensure your solutions are optimized for success.

Effective Solution Naming

A crucial first step in solution setup is naming. Opt for concise titles, typically under three words, accurately reflecting the solution's purpose or workflow. This ensures clarity, memorability, and alignment with your business objectives.

Comprehensive Solution Guides

A well-documented solution includes detailed guides outlining its purpose, tables, and workflow. Provide descriptions of each table, clarifying their roles and how records flow through them. Supplement with supporting resources such as instructional videos for enhanced usability.

Strategic Table Configuration

Tables should accurately represent tracked items and feature concise names, ideally under two words. Customize record terminology to ensure relevance and clarity. Maintain consistency and relevance to facilitate user understanding.

Tailored Views for Enhanced Usability

Configure six to ten views per table, catering to item characteristics. Choose descriptive names reflecting each view's configuration and purpose. Utilize view descriptions to provide context, enhancing user comprehension.

Organized Record Views for Easy Navigation

Incorporate sections within record views to organize information effectively. Strategically group fields to guide users logically through the data. Customize page layouts based on field nature to present information efficiently.

Diverse View Types for Varied Insights

From grid views for comprehensive overviews to map views for geographical visualization, leverage diverse view types to meet specific needs. Tailor views to display relevant data accurately, ensuring users gain valuable insights.

Efficient Form Design for Seamless Data Collection

Craft forms with user-friendly names and clear instructions. Customize fields and appearance to suit external user needs. Enhance usability with help text and conditional logic, streamlining data collection processes.

Streamlined Dashboard Integration for Enhanced Visibility

Integrate dashboards to centralize access to resources and monitor metrics effectively. Prioritize metric widgets for summarizing data and promoting comparisons. Utilize embedded grid views to provide detailed data insights within dashboards.


By adhering to these documentation standards and leveraging SmartSuite's unique features, you can configure solutions that optimize operations and foster collaboration. Embrace these best practices to ensure your solutions are tailored for success. For detailed documentation and steps, refer to the link in the description. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more insights from SmartSuite.

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