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How to use SmartSuite for Strategic Planning (Goals & Objectives)

How to use SmartSuite for Strategic Planning (Goals & Objectives)

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July 9, 2024

Transform Your Strategic Planning with SmartSuite

In the dynamic world of business, strategic planning is a vital component to ensure that an organization meets its long-term goals. SmartSuite is designed to streamline this process, offering a robust platform that enables businesses to manage goals, initiatives, tasks, and status reports all in one place. Let's explore how SmartSuite can transform your strategic planning efforts into a seamless and efficient process.

Centralizing Goals for Clear Vision

Imagine starting your strategic planning with a clear, centralized view of all your organizational goals. SmartSuite's goals table allows you to articulate each goal, detailing what it entails and collecting all relevant information in one place. In the "All Goals by Department" grid view, you can easily list goals, assign owners, track achievement statuses, set time periods, and prioritize each goal. This comprehensive setup ensures that everyone in the organization has a clear vision of what needs to be achieved and can track progress effectively.

Translating Goals into Actionable Initiatives

Once your goals are set, the next step is to break them down into actionable initiatives. With SmartSuite, each initiative feeds into a goal, providing a structured approach to achieving your objectives. By organizing initiatives in a customizable layout, you can ensure that all necessary information is available at a glance. The "Initiatives by Goal" view offers a detailed breakdown of how each initiative contributes to your goals, tracking their status, due dates, and related departments. This structured hierarchy keeps your strategic plan focused and actionable.

Detailed Task Management

At the heart of strategic planning is the ability to manage tasks efficiently. SmartSuite’s task table centralizes all the individual steps required to complete an initiative. Assigning ownership, setting due dates, and prioritizing tasks become straightforward processes. With features like @mentions, you can bring team members into the context of a record, ensuring that everyone is aligned and collaborating effectively. The My Work section centralizes all assigned tasks, providing team members with a clear overview of their responsibilities across different solutions.

Visualizing Progress with Dashboards

Visualization is key to maintaining transparency and clarity in strategic planning. SmartSuite’s dashboards offer a powerful tool to centralize and visualize the progress of your goals and initiatives. By using widgets, you can display metrics such as goal achievements, active goals, and initiative attainments. These visual tools not only provide quick insights but also allow you to drill down into detailed information by clicking on the widgets. This centralized dashboard keeps leadership informed and engaged with real-time data.

Boosting Efficiency with Automations

SmartSuite’s automation engine enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks and reminders. For instance, you can set up automations to send reminders when a task is due in three days or to dispatch monthly status update emails to key stakeholders. These automated processes ensure that work progresses smoothly, deadlines are met, and everyone stays informed without the need for manual intervention. In SmartSuite, automations can be customized to fit your specific needs, driving productivity and keeping your strategic plan on track.

Enhancing Collaboration and Permissions

Collaboration is at the core of successful strategic planning. SmartSuite enables seamless collaboration through features like task assignments, due dates, priorities, and @mentions. Additionally, permissions allow you to manage sensitive data effectively, locking down specific information or providing access only to relevant team members. This balance of collaboration and controlled access ensures that your strategic planning process is both inclusive and secure.

Flexible Workflows with Visual Tools

SmartSuite provides various views to visualize your workflows, such as Kanban and Gantt. The Gantt view, for example, helps you visualize the estimated duration of each initiative based on task dependencies. This visual representation aids in planning and adjusting timelines, ensuring that all tasks are aligned with your strategic goals. The Kanban view offers a different perspective, allowing you to drag and drop tasks through different statuses, providing a clear visual flow of work progress.


SmartSuite is more than just a work management platform; it's a comprehensive tool that transforms strategic planning into an organized, efficient, and collaborative process. By centralizing goals, breaking them down into actionable initiatives, managing tasks meticulously, and utilizing powerful visualization and automation tools, SmartSuite ensures that your strategic objectives are met with precision and clarity.

Ready to revolutionize your strategic planning process? Explore SmartSuite and see how it can help you achieve your business goals seamlessly. Download the solution from the link provided and start your journey towards more effective strategic planning today.

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